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Food and Wine - Salad
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Following up on yesterday's discussion of wine and counting calories (or kilojoules), let's go down a related tangent and consider the art of matching wine with salads.

As noted in our Food and Wine Matching Engine, vinegar and wine are natural foes, so if you're serving a salad dressed with a traditional vinaigrette, it's probably best to set your wine glass aside until a later course.

But suppose a salad IS your main course? Plenty of salad options work well with the appropriate wine. Make your salad more wine-friendly by topping it with chicken, seafood or cheese, for instance; or dress it with something less acidic than vinegar.

Here are a few broad principles to consider: Relatively tart (high-acid) wines usually complement similar foods, so a crisp, dry Sauvignon Blanc will stand up to a vinaigrette that might overwhelm a fat Chardonnay. The buttery richness of that same Chardonnay, on the other hand, might make it a good choice with a rich Caesar salad or creamy Roquefort dressing.

Herbaceous wines complement herbal flavors, so pick a citric, green-pepper New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a "grassy" Sancerre from the Loire and watch it sing in tune with your green salad.

Add toppings to a dinner salad, and choose a wine to match: The black olives in a Salade Niçoise naturally call for a dry Provence rosé, for example. Ham and cheese suggest a Beaujolais. Complement a Greek salad topped with feta cheese with a crisp white Santorini. Fashion a caprese salad of fresh garden tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and fresh basil and enjoy a Chianti; in fact, you can match this favorite Italian wine with any tomato salad - the fruity-tart flavors of the wine and the tomatoes make a natural match. Or go the festive route and add excitement to just about any salad dinner by uncorking a bottle of bubbly.


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