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Old World or New?
Copyright 2001 by Robin Garr. All rights reserved. Originally printed January 14, 2002. For more information go to

As we discussed in the Wine Advisor on Sept. 10, an interesting geographical dichotomy has emerged recently in wine-tasting language, as we increasingly identify wines as being either "Old World" or "New World" in style. This vast oversimplification separates the Old World (Europe, and perhaps South Africa) from the New World (the Americas and Australasia) on the basis of the style of wines they produce.

We're trying to measure this phenomenon in this week's Voting Booth, as we ask,

"Which style of wine to you prefer: Old World or New?"

To join in the fun, click to Voting Booth.

After you've cast your "vote," see how your opinion stacks up with those of other wine lovers around the globe.


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