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The Degrees of Fizz
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Sparkling, cremant, perlant, petillant, mousseux ... what's the difference? Let's Luxury Replica Handbags expand our wine vocabulary today with a quick exploration of the degrees of fizz.

You didn't know that there WERE different names for sparkling wines, from slightly prickly all the way up to bursting with foam? Some might call this one of those fine distinctions that makes wine complicated. Others might call it a subtlety that makes wine fun. Either way, we'll give you a quick-reference card that you can use in knowing what to expect when you pop the cork.

SPARKLING wine is the broad, generic term for any wine that contains carbon dioxide (CO2) in solution, Replica Rolex Watches and it would be hard to argue that it reaches its pinnacle in Champagne, where the French may or may not have made it first but arguably do it best.

MOUSSEAUX ("moo-so" or, more or less, "foamy") is the French term for sparkling. Fully sparkling wines like Champagne have CO2 under 5 to 6 times normal atmospheric pressure in the bottle, which helps explain why Champagne bottles are made of heavy glass and have the cork wired down.

CREMANT ("cray-mawN" with a nasal French "N," meaning "creamy") is like Mousseaux only less so, with CO2 under about 2 to 4 atmospheres of pressure, resulting in a wine that pours with a, well, "creamy" froth, ray ban sunglasses sale without the intensely sparkling nature of fully sparkling wines. Confusingly, Cremant is also used in modern times for fully sparkling wines made outside the Champagne region.

Continuing down the bubble scale, PETILLANT ("Peh-tee-yawN") is a lightly sparkling wine, with less than 2 atmospheres of CO2. Called "Frizzante" ("free-zahn-tay") in Italian, these wines will pour with a quick froth but usually go still quickly in the glass, leaving just a prickly impression on the tongue.

And both last and least (at least in terms of carbon dioxide), PERLANT ray ban sale ("Pair-lawN" or "pearly") contains just a hint of carbonation, barely enough to make it prickle.


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