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From Annie Green Springs to Wine Aficionado
by Phil Torres, for

My name is Phil Torres and I will be writing a monthly article regarding wine. The reason I'm doing this is because I've been drinking wine for thirty years and over those thirty years I've learned a little bit about what I like and don't like in wine. I will be giving you my opinions on various wines to drink everyday or to celebrate special occasions. Like any other beverage, what is important is what tastes good to you. In the case of wine, most of us go through a period of experimentation and acquire a taste for wines which may be far different from the wines we initially liked.

In my case I started drinking wine in my early 20's when I was living in Monterey, California. I had roommates and our house wine of choice was Annie Green Springs. I'm sure I bought it by the half gallon at a time when I didn't even know what a corkscrew was. Our beach house had numerous parties in which gallons of Annie Green Springs were drank. It took me awhile but after lining our house with empty bottles of Annie Green Springs I slowly moved on to wines that did require a corkscrew and were not carbonated.

If you are one of those folks who don't know what you like in a wine, then my advice is try different wines from different parts of the world. If you like it, take note of what you are drinking and if you don't like it, take note of what you are drinking so that you do not buy it again. It is important to know that not all chardonnays taste the same and not all merlots taste the same. Wines with the same name come from the same primary grape but there is incredible variation.

Drinking good wine is to experience one of the great pleasures of life. You can drink wine by itself, you can drink it with a meal or you can drink it after a meal. You can start with one type of wine and end with another type of wine. I suggest that the next time somebody offers you a glass of wine say "yes" and try it instead of ordering what you might otherwise order. It will be the start of a new experience and perhaps the start of a new hobby. Cheers to you all!


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