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Methoxy Isoflavone: the "Holy Grail" of building muscle?
by Dave Slagle, General Manager of Paradise Fitness Centers

There has been a breakthrough in the ongoing quest for the "Holy Grail" of supplements. Today's athletes want a supplement that will give them the physique and performance they want, without the negative side effects of ergogenic drugs. The breakthrough comes from a few types of phytoestrogens called soy isoflavones. According to U.S. patent #4,163,746 "the following compounds are particularly active as anabolic agents: 5 methyl-7 methoxy-isoflavone, 5 methyl-oxy-isoflavone, 5 methyl-7 (2 hydroxy-ethoxy)-isoflavone and 5 methyl-7 isopropoxy-isoflavone." The US and European patents on these isoflavones state that they are anabolically effective compounds for use as pharmaceuticals or feed additives. Livestock testing has shown that 5 methyl-7 methoxy isoflavone (METHOXY ISOFLAVONE) is the most anabolic of the patented isoflavones. Human trials on methoxy isoflavone have shown increased protein utilization along with increased retention of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. In plain language, that makes methoxy isoflavone a muscle-building supplement that can improve your health! The gains reported during the human study were mostly lean tissues and the test subjects reported an increase in vitality. Brian Batcheldor, the European strength coach and supplement guru, has worked with several companies to bring methoxy isoflavone to the mass market. I had the privilege of meeting Brian in the spring of 2000. He was working with a supplement company that wanted to encapsulate the oil based methoxy isoflavone. Brian had already worked with BIOTEST in developing their oil-based Methoxy 7. I asked Brian about the effectiveness of the methoxy isoflavone. Athletes that Brian trains who have used methoxy isoflavone experienced positive results. Brian's clients had been making measurable gains in strength and lean muscle mass. They also reported a greater sense of well-being and faster recuperation. I asked Brian which form of methoxy isoflavone (oil, capsule, tablet or protein powder premix) he preferred. Brian recommended the oil-based methoxy isoflavone. That is because it is the most effective in humans due to the fact that it bypasses the liver. He said that the other forms lose up to 25% of their potency passing through the liver, but you can make up for this loss by consuming 25% more from the tablets and capsules. EAS makes a methoxy isoflavone oil based gelatin capsule (I consider these the best). The METHOXYLON capsules by SYNTRAX contain 200mgs of methoxy isoflavone per capsule. Therefore, you would need to take four METHOXYLON capsules (4 capsules x 200 mgs = 800 mgs - 25% = 600 mgs) daily to absorb the required minimum (recommended daily minimum is 600mgs). The protein powder premixes also lose about 25% of their potency during digestion. The leading protein-methoxy blends have about 100-150 mgs of methoxy isoflavone per 2-scoop serving. That means you would have to consume 6 to 8 servings daily, making them both inefficient and too expensive.

Brian Batcheldor said that while all his clients made phenomenal gains by using 600 mgs of methoxy isoflavone daily, he believes that the optimum dose is 800 mgs to 1000 mgs daily. My personal choice is either the EAS capsules or the PINNACLE tablets. I tried the oil-based Methoxy 7, but it tasted pretty nasty and I didn't like carrying the bottle and a tablespoon with me. EAS and Pinnacle have "stacked" their methoxy isoflavone formulas with other anabolic agents (Ecdysterone in the EAS capsules and Tribulus in the PINNACLE tablets) I recommend taking 6 to 8 capsules/tablets daily. Remember that capsules and tablets lose about 25% potency when broken down by the liver. I have had one of my clients commit to trying a one-month cycle of METHOXYTEST tablets. In order to absorb the maximum dose of methoxy isoflavone, he took 8 (eight) tablets daily. He gained 10 lbs of LEAN MASS by the 28th day!!! I develop a specific supplement cycle for each of my clients and they usually do quite well. Of course some people may not experience ANY gains from methoxy isoflavone. It has been my experience that the "non-responders" usually do not train correctly and/or have nutritional deficiencies that limit the effectiveness of ALL supplements. (It is a good idea to hire a certified personal trainer to learn about proper training and nutrition before you invest in nutritional supplements).

When you are ready to try the "Holy Grail" of non-hormonal anabolic supplements, pick up METHOXYTEST by PINNACLE or METHOXY FACTORS by EAS. Both of these products are available at VITAMIN WORLD at the Guam Premium Outlets.


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