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Thanksgiving Beverages for a Tropical Climate

Everybody thinks of Hot Apple Cider as a beverage to have at Thanksgiving but given our wonderfully warm climate on Guam, we don't really want to drink something hot even if it is festive. In an effort to come up with choices more interesting than the usual ice tea, soda replica hublot watches and beer, we tested a variety of "Thanksgiving Punches." All of them are excellent - some are sweeter than others and most can be upgraded to an "adult" version with the addition of various liquors. All of the recipes can be doubled or tripled as desired.

Cranberry-Ginger-Lime Punch

This is a wonderful color and not too sweet. If you prefer it sweeter, substitute pink lemonade concentrate for the limeade.

2 quarts cranberry juice, chilled
1 6-oz can frozen limeade
1 quart ginger ale
Fresh cranberries and lime slices to garnish

Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher and chill until very cold. Serve in punchbowl Replica Watches For Sale and garnish the top by floating a few fresh cranberries and lime slices.

Yield: Approximately 10 - 12 cups

Apple Cider-Mint Punch

1/2 cup fresh mint, chopped
2 cups granulated sugar
4 cups water
8 cups apple cider or apple juice
2 cups frozen lemonade concentrate
Fresh mint and red apple slices (rub with lemon to prevent browning) for garnish

Create a simple syrup by combinging mint, sugar and water in a heavy small saucepan over medium heat. Stir frequently while bringing mixture to a gentle boil. Reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes. Remove from heat replica iwc watches and cool. When cool, strain the mint mixture into a large pitcher. Add water, apple cider or juice and the thawed lemonade concentrate. Chill well. Serve in a punchbowl garnished with fresh mint sprigs and apple slices

Yield: Approximately 10 - 12 cups

Tropical Thanksgiving Punch

8 cups cranberry juice
4 cups orange juice
2 cups pineapple juice
1 cup frozen lemonade concentrate
1 cup water
1 tsp almond extract
Pineapple (fresh if possible) rings and orange rings for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher Best Replica Handbags and chill until very cold. Serve in a punchbowl garnished with the pineapple and orange rings.

Yield: Approximately 14 - 16 cups


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