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Fitness During Pregnancy
Courtesy of Doctor Thomas Shieh, MD Ob/Gyn, for more information go to

Fitness during pregnancy is important. It can help strengthen muscles used during labor, and will help you return to your normal self after delivery. Stretching exercises are especially important, as flexibility will help prevent sporting injuries and it will help you during the actual time of delivering your baby.

In general, exercising during pregnancyis more tiring because you are now carrying the extra weight that you are not used to. You should avoid working out in the hot sun, as dehydration will cause you to go into preterm labor and electrolyte problems. Avoid exercises that make you very tired. Drink lots of water and wear good support shoes.

The types of exercises that you participate in depends on you and how active you were before you were pregnant. This is not a time to take up new active sports. I always tell my patients to be very careful, and avoid trauma to your abdomen. Be very careful about sports or exercises that may cause you to fall, or possibly hit your abdomen. Any trauma to your abdomen can cause a condition called placental abruption, which is a premature separation of your placenta from the uterine wall. If you experience trauma to your abdomen during your pregnancy, you should notify your doctor right away.


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