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100 Calories a Day - The Difference in Weight Maintenance Vs. Gain or Loss
Information provided by the American Dietetic Association: Your Link to Nutrition & Health

When you think about weight gain, you probably think overeating to excess or failing to get any activity is the main culprit. The reality is a simple 100 calories a day can make the difference in weight gain or loss.

According to the University of California Wellness Letter, the average American gains about two pounds a year. Since every pound of body weight equals 3500 calories, two pounds translates into an extra 19 calories a day. Nineteen calories is easy to surpass so if you look at the incidence of overweight. But it's easy to think in terms of 100 extra calories on a daily basis. Making a change in your intake that equals 100 calories is very simple, try the easy steps:

  • Water-packed tuna instead of oil-packed

  • One cup of whole grain cereal instead of two

  • Tomato slices, lettuces leaves and pepper strips on a sandwich instead of mayo

  • Two cups of skim milk per day instead of two cups of whole milk

  • A cup of low-fat, sugar free yogurt, instead of a doughnut

  • A cup of water flavored with a lemon instead of a soft drink

In addition to making small changes in food choices, increase activity by walking fifteen minutes a day or climb stairs instead of taking the elevator or other options such as parking farther away from the store instead of waiting to get that parking spot right in front. All these little choices make a difference.


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