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Top 25 Wine Brands Sold In U.S. Restaurants in 2003
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If you believe that you're an "average" wine drinker, you might want to compare your favorites against the most popular wine brands based on sales in restaurants in the U.S.

The trade magazine Restaurant Wine, published by California based Ronn Wiegand (the first American to earn both the Master Sommelier and Master of Wine certification), recently surveyed U.S. restaurants about their best selling brands in 2003, and compiled a list of the top 100. The full article is available for a hefty fee, but the magazine's publicists circulated the top 25. As it turns out, just 13 corporate entities distribute or import all 25, and virtually all are in the "mass-market" sector, many of them labels produced only for restaurant sales and not available in retail shops.

All this seems to provide further evidence, as if any were needed, that the "wine geek" sector is a mighty small subset of the world market for wine. Here are the top 25, in order by brand name, distributor/importer and national origin:

Beringer Vineyards (Beringer Blass Wine Estates [Foster's]), USA
Kendall-Jackson (Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates), USA
Sutter Home (Trinchero Family Estates), USA
Inglenook (Canandaigua Wine Co. [Constellation]), USA
Franzia Winetaps (The Wine Group), USA
Copperidge (E & J Gallo), USA
Woodbridge (Robert Mondavi Corp.), USA
Burlwood (E & J Gallo), USA
Yellow Tail (W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.), Australia
Cavit (Palm Bay Imports), Italy
Taylor California Cellars (North Lake Wine Co.
[Constellation]), USA
Corbett Canyon (The Wine Group), USA
Vendange (Canandaigua Wine Co. [Constellation]), USA
William Wycliff (E & J Gallo), USA
Martini & Rossi Vermouth (Bacardi USA, Inc.), Italy
Glen Ellen (The Wine Group), USA
Fetzer Vineyards (Brown-Forman), USA
Sycamore Lane (Trinchero Family Estates), USA
Paul Masson (Canandaigua Wine Co. [Constellation]), USA
La Terre (Canandaigua Wine Co. [Constellation]), USA
Foxhorn Vineyards (The Wine Group), USA
Almaden (Canandaigua Wine Co. [Constellation]), USA
Sterling Vineyards (Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines Co.), USA
Stone Cellars (Beringer Blass Wine Estates [Foster's]), USA
Santa Margherita (Paterno Wines International), Italy


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