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Deal with Holiday Stress by Keeping a Food Journal
Information provided by the American Dietetic Association: Your Link to Nutrition & Health

As the holiday season gets more chaotic, people often find themselves eating even when they aren't hungry.

Eating as a result of stress is common for many people. It's often a learned behavior and one that many people don't realize is the cause of their eating. If you find yourself eating every time things get a little stressful, take a minute to figure out why you're feeling that way.

Write down what you are eating, how it tastes and most importantly, how hungry you are. If the answer is, not hungry at all, you may be eating in response to stress.

Curb these habits by continuing to journal how you feel along with what and why you are eating. With time, you will begin to recognize behaviors and can change how you deal with stress. In fact, this strategy may help you deal with stress year round, not just during the holidays.


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