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What About Prohormones?
By Dave Slagle, General Manager of Paradise Fitness Centers

Still think that a stack of Androstenedione and Creatine Monohydrate will help an average person break the homerun record? Androstenedinoe became popular a few years ago when the media discovered that baseball legend Mark McGwire used it during the race for the homerun record. This was a few years before Barry Bonds came along. I need to see the supplement regimen that personal trainer and IFBB professional bodybuilder, Milos Sarcev has him using. I can almost guarantee that hes taking Z-MAX by Max Muscle (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate and vitamin B6)!

But this article is about Andros!

What is androstendione? It is a prohormone, one step ahead of DHEA one step behind actual testosterone. Androstendione is converted by the enzyme 17-beta hydroxysteroid dehdrogenase, into testosterone. There have been several studies on androstendione, but none of them have achieved similar results!

What are prohormones? These are products that contain metabolic precursors that your body transforms into the active hormones. Andros are basically products that raise the levels of testosterone in your body.

ERGOPHARM markets what I believe to be the best singular prohomones on the market. My favorite prohormone stack is the MAXSTACK PLUS by Max Muscle.

The Max Stack Plus, by Max Muscle is a blend of Tribulus Terrestris, 4-Androstenediol, 19-Norandrostendione, Green Tea Extract, Ipriflavone, Kola Nut Extract, 19-Nor-4-Androstenediol, Androstenedione, Indole-3-Carbinol and Zinc Picolinate. Feedback from the bodybuilding community is that it works really well!

Empirical data from weight rooms is that you gain some strength the first few weeks followed by lean tissue gains. As for the prohormones themselves, the rule of the bodybuilder is this:

"Diones are for strength, Diols are for size!" This has been backed up by the biochemists that work with Andros, but not the legitimate medical community. Huh?

Let me state that again, the legitimate medical community (think of groups like the American Medical Association OR The American College of Sports Medicine) has tested andros for muscle growth, but their studies have been nonconclusive. Then again the legitimate medical community denies that anabolic, androgenic steroids have any effect on human muscle growth and performance. I could go on and on about this topic, but I think you get the point.

So if the prohormones really work as well as anabolic androgenic steroids but without the harmful side effects, What happens when you STOP using them?

During the administration of synthetic testosterone, your body will quit producing testosterone to try maintaining a homeostatic balance. When you quit taking the synthetic testosterone, your normal levels are already down and you would theoretically crash your hormone levels. This can be avoided by using the supplement, Tribulus Terrestrus. So far prohormones have not been linked with that side effect but taking the Tribulus with the prohormones wont hurt and may even further your gains. The best prohormone stacks will have 250-500 mgs of Tribulus per serving.


M. Aguon exclaimed. His training partner, Dave Silva had just completed 6 reps with 315 lbs. on a closegrip bench press. These two train like their lives depended on it every session, so it was no surprise to me that the Max Stack Plus had helped Dave to increase ALL of his poundages! His squat went up about 100 lbs in 6 short weeks. I had included a high level of Max Stack Plus in Dave's supplement cycle. Dave said that he recuperated better and everyone kept telling him he was getting lean. The effectiveness of prohormones are dose related, like most supplements, and should be mapped out prior to beginning their use. I recently consulted with another of my clients whom had requested a supplement program. I had him using the Max Stack in a pyramid (small amount, large amount, largest amount, large amount, and small amount). Six weeks later I hadnt noticed much change in his strength or appearance. He told me that he started to take two Max Stack a day and then stick with that amount. He said he was scared to take too much! I explained to him that his current lean bodyweight would require a higher milligram dosage of prohormones to be effective. The amount he took had little or no effect at all! All supplements are dose related. Two max stacks for this fellow would be like taking 1/2 a tablet of aspirin for a headache! It is the right thing to take, but just not enough of it to be effective!

The Jury is officially still out! If you feel that you want to be your own guinea pig, It is my opinion that Prohormones, in the right application and dose, can be an effective supplement for normal, healthy individuals to increase their testosterone levels and MAYBE build some muscle and lose some fat. For all of you anabolic adventurers out there, stick to the reputable supplement companies. Try the MAX STACK PLUS by Max Muscle, 1-AD by ERGOPHARM or NORDIOL SELECT 300 by ERGOPHARM. Remember you take these supplements at your own risk. I personally wouldn't trust any other supplement companies prohormone products if I were you!

I can be reached at Paradise Fitness Center for nutritional counseling and supplement mapping.


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