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Exercise with Weights for Fat Loss
by Dave Slagle, General Manager Paradise Fitness Centers

I recently came across a statistic that I am inclined to believe. Nearly half of all Americans are on a "diet" and 20 million others think that they should be on a "diet". Clearly there is a problem out there! People are obsessed with weight.

The fitness industry has the challenge of educating people that their weight is really not the relevant issue. If it really were as simple as losing weight the answer could be summed up in four words; Eat Less, Exercise More. If your energy output exceeds your energy intake, you will end up losing weight. The problem with that equation is that the weight you lose could be precious muscle tissue. An example is that if you weigh 200 lbs and have 14% fat, that equals 28 lbs of fat. A low calorie diet combined with aerobic exercise will result in a 4 to 10 lb weight loss over a 2 month period. That may sound ideal but the reality is that because you didn't monitor your nutrient intake and perform resistance training, you will have lost muscle! Of those 10 lbs of weight loss, approximately 7 to 8 lbs may have been muscle. So now you only weigh 190 lbs and have a body fat level of 16%! You actually would show a GAIN of fat! The metabolic consequences are that you have actually slowed down your metabolic rate (the rate at which you "burn" calories).

The fact is that people don't really want to "lose weight", they want to lose fat. A healthful diet and exercise program will help with body re-composition (losing fat and gaining muscle). The fitness industry has compiled enough evidence to support the statement that resistance training with weights is the best way to lose fat and improve your health. Of course, maintaining a protein intake of 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of body weight will further the progress. If you take the same person from the previous scenario and have him also perform 2 to 3 weight training workouts per week and eat an adequate amount of protein daily, the end results would look more like this; 194 lbs and 11% fat. This individual would have gained approximately 1 lb of muscle and lost approximately 7 lbs of fat! That's 200 lbs - 7 lbs of fat = 193 + 1 lb of muscle = 194 lbs of chiseled physique! Not to mentioned the increased metabolic rate and immune function.

The COOPER INSTITUTE has reported to the American College of Sports Medicine that a recent study reinforces the positive benefits of exercise. The testing was performed on two groups of men, one clinically overweight but exercising with weights; the other, normal weight but not exercising at all. Between the two groups, the overweight but exercising men had better disease resistance and improved self-esteem compared to the men of normal weight who did not exercise. Unfortunately the study did not measure body composition. But even those individuals considered overweight feel better just by exercising with weights a few days per week.

The health benefits of weight training are too numerous to mention. The message is clear: perform resistance training (lifting weights) for better health and fitness. A qualified personal trainer (one with practical knowledge of the weightroom as well as a certification) can help to educate you about training with weights. Even a seasoned weight room veteran can benefit from the assistance of a trainer. Personal trainers will correct your form and teach you to effectively train your muscles and not just lift the weights. A recent study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise showed that weight training for people aged 60 and older improved their muscle mass, strength and daily living activities replica burberry handbags.

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you are already aware of the benefits of exercise. You are one of the 10% of the population who already engages in regular exercise including training with weights. If that is true, I want to ask for your help. Please help the fitness industry to spread the word about the benefits of weight training. Please encourage your friends and loved-ones to exercise! Bring them to Paradise Fitness Center. Paradise Fitness Center offers a free two-week trial membership! New members have their body composition (fat to lean ratio) measured. They also receive complimentary instruction in the weightroom. These are important tools to use while working towards your goal of fat-loss, muscle gain and better health.If you are part of the other 90% of the population and you would like to begin a program, please come visit Paradise Fitness Center. We offer a non-intimidating atmosphere and provide staff to help you to become familiar with the centers and the equipment. After a few weeks of exercise, you will begin to look better and feel better.

Remember it's not about losing weight; it's about losing fat!


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