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Understanding Vegetarian Eating Plans
Information provided by the American Dietetic Association: Your Link to Nutrition & Health

Vegetarian meals are a good way to add variety to your eating plan, keep fat intake low and help increase your fiber intake. It's important to understand just what a vegetarian eating plan is and does.

There are several types of vegetarian eating plans including:
Vegan: people who do not eat any animal foods
Lacto-vegetarian: those who eat dairy products along with plant proteins
Lacto-ovo: those who eat eggs and dairy products.

The key to healthy vegetarian eating is consuming sufficient amounts of protein and amino acids. Vegans should ensure the nutritional adequacy of their diet by eating enough grains, nuts, seeds and beans along with fruits and vegetables. Adding dairy products and eggs to your diet will also help you meet your nutritional needs.

Choose a wide variety of plant proteins and other plant foods to help meet your nutritional requirements. For help with a healthy vegetarian eating plan, contact a registered dietitian.


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