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Healthy Chef's Holiday Gift List
Information provided by the American Dietetic Association: Your Link to Nutrition & Health

Proper cooking and baking utensils make eating healthy easier than ever. This holiday season, give your holiday chef gifts he or she can use all year long.

* Cheese graters help cheese go a long way. When it is grated, a smaller cheese portion can add plenty of flavor.

* A coffee grinder can also be used for grinding nuts, seeds, grains and dry herb and spices.

* An egg separator helps you easily separate the yolk from the white, which is especially helpful for those cutting back on cholesterol.

* A hot-air popcorn popper lets you have a treat without the added oil or butter.

* An instant-read thermometer helps you know when food is cooked to a safe internal temperature.

* Nonstick pots and pans allow you to cook with little or no added fat.

* Kitchen scales help you measure in ounces to determine portion sizes.

Proper cooking and baking utensils make meal planning easier, healthier and safer - making them the perfect gift for any cook.


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