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Instant Muscle for Couch Potatoes?
By Dave Slagle, General Manager of Paradise Fitness Centers

There has been a genetic breakthrough in the quest for lean, muscular bodies. If the scientists get it right, you will no longer have to work out to achieve your bodybuilding and fitness goals. The breakthrough came when scientist discovered a genetic mutation that caused a reduction in fat and an extreme increase in lean muscle tissue in mice!

The gene (which produces the protein- myostatin) has been named the "Schwarzenneger gene" after this guy that was like a bodybuilder and stuff.

I'm joking - I am an Arnold fan! Myostatin regulates the amount of skeletal muscle mass in mammals. Blocking the myostatin caused an increase in skeletal muscle mass and a decrease in fat (go back and read that last sentence a few times). The myostatin inhibitors, so far, only effect striated (skeletal) muscle tissue and not smooth muscle (intestinal tract) or cardiac muscle (heart). That means that through genetic manipulation, couch potatoes would look like bodybuilders without the workouts. In fact, the diet of the "genetically altered" humans would not have much of an effect on their appearance! That means that you could sit on the couch and eat junk food while building a sculpted physique. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has published an article on regulating myostatin. The researchers at the department of molecular biology and genetics, John Hopkins University School of Medicine have achieved extraordinary results using propeptide myostatin inhibitors on lab mice (the pictures of the mice are amazing).

So far, 3 supplement companies have rushed myostatin inhibitors to market. The nutritionally based myostatin inhibitors all contain the plant based (sea algae from the Canary Islands) myostatin inhibitor, Cystoseira canariensis. The optimal way to take Cystoseira canariensis is 1000mg - 2000mg daily, divided into two or four doses. Like ALL supplements, myostatin inhibitors are DOSE RELATED! Too little will yield no results. Too much? Well, we will have to wait and see.

The first product (and foremost) is MYOSTAT by BIOTEST. MYOSTAT contains 500mg per capsule of cultured Cystoseira canariensis. The recommended amount is two capsules per day. The bottle has 40 capsules and costs $49.95 per bottle. One bottle will therefore last 20 days. That makes it $149.95 per 8 weeks (2 months). The mice in the study were on myostatin inhibitors for over a year. A year of MYOSTAT consumption would cost you $974.68 (based on the prices at

The second was CHAMPION NUTRITION with MYOSTIM. MYOSTIM contains 300 mg of Cystoseira canariensis per capsule. The recommended amount is 4 capsules per day in divided doses. The CHAMPION NUTRITION website lists a one-month supply (30 days) at $179.90 per bottle. A year of MYOSTIM consumption would cost $2158.80!

The third was PINNACLE with MYOZAP JUICED PROTEIN POWDER. The amount of Cystoseira canariensis in MYOZAP JUICED PROTEIN is 200 mg per serving! A serving is 1 scoop of the powder. You would have to consume 5 servings per day to get 1000 mg of the "active" ingredient! There are 33 servings per container, which means that a container will last approximately one week and it costs $34.95 per container (at the netrition site). A year of MYOZAP JUICED PROTEIN consumption would cost about $1817.40 per year.

The "real deal" propeptide myostatin inhibitors are available and is the same pharmaceutical compound that was given to the lab mice. It retails for around $400.00 for a one-month supply! I contacted a pharmaceutical company that distributes it and asked if there were any human studies or if it was safe for human consumption. I let them know that my intention was to use it for muscular development and fat loss in humans. Their response: "All of our products are for research use ONLY and not for therapeutic or diagnostic application". Although, they also sent along the price list and shipping information. I feel it would be irresponsible on my part to tell anyone where and how to obtain this product. If someone wanted to play "Dr. Victor Frankenstein" and be his or her own monster, then I'm sure such a resourceful person would be able to find the product without my assistance. This person will be spending approximately $4800.00 to use the real propeptide.

It will be interesting to see if the nutritionally based products work! As the BIOTEST guys say, "Even a 10% reduction in myostatin would yield phenomenal results".

The advice I give about these products is the same advice I give about all new products: If it is a good product today, it will still be a good product 1 year from now AND there will be more research available then.

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