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'Lettuce' Introduce You to the World of Green Leafy Vegetables
Information provided by the American Dietetic Association: Your Link to Nutrition & Health

Flavor, color, texture - dark green leafy vegetables provide all sorts of nutritious reasons to include them in your meals. They offer plenty of the antioxidant beta carotene, which forms vitamin A that may help protect you from some forms of cancer, and another antioxidant, vitamin C. The darker the leaves, the more nutrients the greens contain. For example, Romaine lettuce has six times more vitamin A and C than iceberg.

More benefits of leafy greens:

  • Some greens deliver folate, potassium and fiber.
  • Greens contain lutein, which contributes to good vision and may help protect your eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • All types of greens fill your plate with few calories and essentially no fat.
Top a sandwich with a leaf of lettuce. Add nutritional punch to your meal with mustard, turnip or dandelion greens. Perk up your salad with a variety of greens instead of just one. Cook and toss with pasta and soup. Or even top your pizza with sautéed spinach.
"Lettuce" suggest some more ideas.

  • Arugula or watercress for a peppery flavor.
  • Red-and-white radicchio for a splash of color.
  • Chicory or escarole for flavor with a "bite."
  • Boston or Bibb lettuce provides a milder flavor.
  • For deep-green color, choose spinach.
  • Add Romaine if you enjoy a crisp texture.
Next time you are in the produce department, take a minute to check out the selection of green leafy vegetables. Chances are you'll find something to suit every palate!


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