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Change Your Diet Attitude
Adapted From Dieting For Dummies; by Jane Kirby For The American Dietetic Association.

Most diets make promises they can't deliver as their focus is based on short term dieting. Successful weight loss and maintaining that weight loss is a long term proposition. If you're wondering if a diet is "extreme" check the list below and consider the differences:




Focus on the "don't"  

Focus on the "do"


Swear off favorite foods  

Concentrate on making healthier choices


Focus on denial  

Focus on enjoying feeling better, healthier, and more energized


Set one answer "for life" goals  

Establish flexible, short-term, attainable goals


Promise immediate results  

Deliver success gradually


Allow no room for slips  

Leave room for indulgences


Ban some foods  

Encourage variety


Emphasize food  

Emphasize healthy eating and exercise


Are extreme   Are gradual


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