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BOMBAŽ Energy - Drinks That Will

They might just be sugar water, but BOMBAŽ Energy drinks sure are tasty. The four different flavors all contain vitamins, caffeine and Taurine Fake Watches For Sale (an essential amino acid), but don't fool yourself into thinking this is a health drink. According to their website,, most of its 80 to 120 calories comes from sugar. Each BOMBAŽ Energy drink contains about the same amount of caffeine as an espresso. Of course since they're not served hot, you can get that caffeine jolt much quicker by chugging the whole bottle. We don't suggest you try this with an espresso!

The packaging, although not quite politically correct, is very clever. The bottle is shaped like a hand grenade with a large ring on the cap that you have to "pull" to open. With the popularity of extreme sports and in-your-face commercials, you can see how this type of marketing would work well.

The four formulas, Gold, Red, Blue and Black all have their own unique flavor cheap ray ban sunglasses and lend themselves quite well to mixing in cocktails. Here are some ideas from their promotional booklet and there are more recipes at their website as well.


2/3 oz tequila
2/3 oz vodka
2/3 oz rum
1/3 oz triple sec
2/3 oz lime juice

Shake all the ingredients in a tall glass then fill up with crushed ice ray ban susenglass and Gold Energy.


2/3 oz vodka
2/3 oz rum
1/3 oz maracuja syrup 1
/3 oz lime juice

Add ingredients to a tall glass then fill up with crushed ice and Red Energy.

Blue Vodka

1 1/3 oz vodka
3 1/3 oz Blue Energy

Pour over ice into a rocks glass.

Black Magic

2/3 oz vodka
2 oz sparkling wine
2/3 oz Black Energy

Shake with ice rolex replica watches and strain into a champagne glass. reminds you to drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.


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