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JetTea® - A Functional Frozen Beverage

I don't know what a "functional frozen beverage" is, Replica Handbags Online but that's what the JetTea® website calls it. I just call it delicious!

JetTea® is a blend of real fruit juice, green tea, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, vitamin C and folic acid. It's made with an infusion of filtered water, green tea, ginseng and ginkgo biloba, to which real fruit juice, vitamin C and folic acid are added. There is actually half a pound of premium quality fruit in each 16 oz serving of JetTea®!

There is no doubt that you are tasting real fruit when you try a JetTea® smoothie. The mango flavor tastes like fresh ripe mango jewelry importer and reminds me of the fresh mango juice that you can get at the Kamayan restaurant. The fact that it contains a full day's supply of vitamin C and folic acid is just a bonus!

It comes in several really delicious flavors, Mango Mania, Wildberry Blast, Strawberry Bomb, Lemon Cooler, Extreme Peach and a couple of others. I've tried the mango, mixed berries, and the strawberry and I can honestly say that all of them are excellent.

JetTea® is most often served as a frozen blender drink which they call a fruit n' tea freeze™. It's made by blending 6 oz of JetTea®, 2 oz of water, Ray Ban Sunglasses and 8 oz of ice for 25 seconds. For more of a smoothie consistency, fill a cup with ice, pour JetTea® over ice until full, and blend for 25 seconds.

If you're like me, a frozen blender drink is not complete without a little something to "enhance" the flavor. Mango Mania is awesome with a shot of tequila blended in and vodka is great with almost any of the flavors. I suppose the addition of alcohol cancels out some of the benefits of the green tea, ginseng and ginkgo biloba, but these "enhanced" smoothies will be the hit of your party or your bar menu.

JetTea® is distributed locally on Guam by Richard Chan of The Beverage Source. You can get JetTea® fruit n' tea freeze™s at several places on island including Truffles Cafe, Rolex GMT Master Replica Watches Cuppucino Cafe and at the Chamorro Village Night Market on Wednesday nights. Just look for the giant blender! Click here to email The Beverage Source for more information.


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