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Citrus Vodka - A Special Treat

At a complete loss as to what to get for that sophisticated person on your gift list or just looking for something different? Here is a unique idea that Louis Vuitton Outlet will appeal to most anyone who enjoys a great cocktail. We did this for friends a couple of years ago and they still talk about it. This special citrus vodka is made by you and you can create a truly elegant presentation by using a one-of-a-kind bottle and some beautiful ribbon and tassels to trim the bottle.

You can select any type of bottle you like but choosing one with a wide mouth will make it easy to place the citrus peel in the vodka. Also, a clear bottle Best Replica Watches or one that is very lightly tinted will show off the pretty colors of the citrus peel. Choose ribbons to complement the bottle or use colors complementary to the citrus.

Click here for the Citrus Vodka recipe.

Add a gift tag instructing the recipient to use the vodka in orange juice or lemonade. Or, fake designer bags shaken or stirred in a Martini. It is also delicious served ice-cold and straight up.


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