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The Mojito - Cuba's Take on the Mint Julep
Update 5/13/05 - This article was written before Martha served her time and was released. We still think a Mojito, properly made, is an excellent way to cool off.

Martha Stewart needs a Mojito! Our recently convicted arbiter of taste is a huge fan of what is one of the most refreshing cocktails of all time. Another illustrious citizen, Replica Watches Ernest Hemingway, described it as his "favorite." Never mind that the Mojito has taken the U.S. and Europe by storm in the past couple of years, thus making it "trendy", this drink is a classic. World renowned bartender, Dale DeGroff, described the Mojito as "The Budweiser of Cuba". If you haven't tried one, well now is the time.

Some pointers from our bartender friends include: Use fresh mint, be sure to "muddle" (smash the mint and sugar with a splash of soda in the bottom of the glass throughly), never use anything but fresh limes replica rolex watches uk and avoid using golden or dark rums. Also, a good rum makes a big difference. Bacardi Silver is the choice of many but here on Guam we can also get a very nice rum from the Philippines, Tondena, which has won numerous awards in Europe for excellence. This rum is available at Pay-Less for under $10 per 750ml bottle.

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Here are a couple of Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men classic Mojito recipes:


Dale DeGroff's Mojito


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