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Presidential Beverage Preferences

Celebrating the birth of two or our greatest presidents is an excellent reason for a holiday and with renewed patriotic fervor sweeping the country, we at wanted to share a bit of presidential beverage "history." While there is ample evidence that overimbibing is certainly to be discouraged, Replica Handbags there is absolutely no reason a good drink or cocktail shouldn't be enjoyed in moderation. Read on to see which of our illustrious former President's tastes you follow. (As we all know, W hasn't touched a drop since he turned 40 but we somehow feel confident that the White House bar is well stocked for guests.)

Two of our greatest presidents, Washington and Jefferson both made their own whiskey and took pride in their Rye whiskey.

Harding was the first president elected as the country was plunged into Prohibition. Nonetheless, he kept the White House well supplied with bootleg spirits. Prohibition wasn't the only law President Harding ignored; corruption ran rampant throughout his administration and the end was nigh when he died in office.

F.D.R. was the last president actually photographed with his beloved cocktail in one hand and (gasp!) a cigarette in the other. Of course, he was elected on a promise to repeal prohibition rolex replica watches and give a depression-scarred country a drink to steady its nerves. Roosevelt drank the first "Dirty Martinis" adding a teaspoon of olive brine to his gin and vermouth.

Truman was known as a plain spoken man and this was illustrated by his preferred drink, a Bonded Bourbon Old Fashioned.

John Kennedy was a Daiquiri drinker (not frozen, thank you) and he usually accompanied it with a good Cuban cigar. Ah, the loss of Cuba was so much more than Castro.

When L.B.J. was at the helm of the ship of state he drank Cutty Sark and soda.

President Carter brought the Cold War Three Martini lunch to a screeching halt with his re-working of the business entertainment tax write-off. His strong Baptist faith lead him to abhor alcohol though he often said "I don't care how many Martinis anyone has with lunch, jewelry distributor but I am concerned about who picks up the check." It proved to be one of the opening salvos in the campaign of political correctness that colors many attitudes towards drink today.

Try one of these recipes to get "in touch" with your inner president. Remember, enjoy in moderation!

Dirty Martini

Bourbon Old Fashioned



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