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St. Patrick's Day Libations - Beyond Green Beer

St. Patrick's Day has inspired us here at to seek out something a bit replica louis vuitton handbags more sophisticated than Green Beer to celebrate the "The Luck O'the Irish".

These cocktails provide the obligatory green color to honor St. Patrick and use ingredients readily available on Guam. They range from the classic Grasshopper to the trendy Green Coconut and the sweet Green Eyed Blonde replica breitling watches (a shot!) to the not so sweet Green Mist, and will delight your guests (or yourself) with new tastes.

The green in the cocktails comes from either Creme de Menthe (green) or Midori Melon both of which can easily be found here and should be staples in a well stocked bar since the Creme de rolex submariner replica watches Menthe provides a delightful creamy mint flavor and the Midori is, of course, melon flavored.


Green Apple

Green Coconut

Green Eyed Blonde

Green Mist

Jolly Green Rancher


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