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Fruit Smoothies from Torani

Torani Italian Syrups have been around for over 75 years but it wasn't until the boom in boutique coffee shops in the 1980's that they became well known around the world. In honor of the spring season Torani has created some absolutely delicious, refreshing Fake Handbags and not too fattening fruit smoothie recipes for your enjoyment. These fruit smoothies are not boring! It is easy to find Torani Syrups on Guam. They are available for sale at many retail outlets and some coffee shops.

A fruit smoothie makes a delicious start to the day, a quick grab-and-go lunch or a refreshing mid-afternoon snack. Easy to make Fake Watches and utterly refreshing, Torani fruit smoothies combine fresh fruit or juice and Torani syrup for a smoothie bursting with flavor.

For all recipes, combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. All recipes yield Top Quality Replica Watches 1 16-oz. drink.

Orange Frosty

Peach Melba Smoothie

Peachy Keen Smoothie

Simply Strawberry Smoothie

Very Fruity Smoothie


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