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Great Sources for Iron - Essential for Womens' Health
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Getting enough iron? If you're female, maybe not! Yet, to feel energized, your body needs enough iron to carry oxygen to body cells where energy is made. To replace iron lost monthly in menstrual flow, women need more iron than men: 18 milligrams of iron daily for women (ages 19 to 50 years), compared to 8 milligrams for men. (After age 50 or so, women need 8 milligrams of iron daily, too.)

Where do you get iron? Among the best food sources are meat and poultry. Beans, eggs, and whole-grain and iron-enriched cereals, breads, and other grain products supply iron, too, but you'll need to partner them with a vitamin C-rich food or a little meat to maximize their absorption.

To boost iron benefits from food, enjoy:

  • A citrus or a tomato garnish with quiche, an omelet, or a vegetarian dish
  • Chopped ham or smoked turkey to flavor bean chili, or rice and beans
  • Vitamin C-rich fruit or fruit juice with meatless meals
  • Try orange slices on a peanut butter sandwich or tomatoes with a rice-bean dish
  • Strawberries or melon on your breakfast cereal.

[Source: 365 Days of Healthy Eating from the American Dietetic Association (Wiley 2004), Roberta Larson Duyff, MS, RD, FADA, CFCS; Reprinted with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.]


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