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The Food and Nutrition Information Center-This is another area of the USDA site. Here you'll find Food Guide Pyramids for adults, children and special dietary needs, as well as Food Safety information and links to other sections of the USDA site. of the greatest uses of the internet is for distributing information and for communication. At, subscribers will find information and resources to assist them in meeting their diet goals. In addition the subscriber becomes part of a community of people all working towards healthier lifestyles. Visitor forums allow you to share experiences with others. Subscribe to the program or just get a free profile and newsletter.

CNN's Health Pages-There is always something new happening in health and nutrition. CNN is a great source for news in general and in their special Health section you can focus in on the topics in which you are most interested.

MSNBC's Diet & Nutrition Section-Keep up to date on the latest diet and nutrition news and try some of their great interactive tools.

Nancy Frawley's Frawley has been actively involved in Health Promotion for almost a decade. Her main focus in Health Promotion has been to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. At her site she has collected information and links for people interested in healthy eating.

Health Answers-At this site you'll find interesting articles on dozens of different topics as well as news articles. raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free American Society of Addiction Medicine, who promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment

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