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Sean Tweten

Date of Birth: June 1968
Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Marital Status: Single
Length on Guam: 2 Years

Employed at: Formerly of Holiday Inn (now in Canada)
Title: Executive Chef/F&B Director

Previous Employment
Crowne Plaza, Mississippi
Intercontinental, Toronto Center
Xiamen, China
Hong Kong Hotel, Hong Kong

Culinary Training
Journeyman Red Seal Certificate

How Do You Describe Your Style of Cooking?
"With the freshest ingredients and a passion for the food."

Do You Have a Particular Philosophy about Food?
"You have to have an actual love for the food and respect for the ingredients."

What is Your Favorite Cuisine?

What is Your Favorite Dish to Prepare?

What is Your Favorite Beverage?

What Do You Cook for Yourself if You're Hungry?

If You Could Ask Three Famous Chefs (Living or Historical Figures) to Dinner and Cook for Them, Who Would You Invite?
1) "Charlie Trotter"
2) "Fred Zimmerman"
3) "Escoffier"

What Would You Cook?

Do You Eat SPAM®?

If You Could Only Eat One Cuisine for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?