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Michael John Moral

Date of Birth: February 20,1968
Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines
Marital Status: Single
Length on Guam: Six years

Employed at: Churrasco Brazilian BBQ & Salad Bar
Title: Executive Chef

Previous Employment
Margaritas, Burritos, & BBQ - Tumon
Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casinos, Cebu
Pacific Trading Club
Holiday Inn Resort Guam
Oakwood Premiere Makati
Hyatt Regency Guam
Hyatt Regency Manila
Peninsula Group of Hotels
The Richmonde Hotel

Culinary Training
Good Houskeeping Institute
Chateau Sauvion et Fils
The Peninsula Hong Kong

How Do You Describe Your Style of Cooking?

Do You Have a Particular Philosophy about Food?

What is Your Favorite Cuisine?

What is Your Favorite Dish to Prepare?
"Italian Japanese Dishes"

What is Your Favorite Beverage?
"Vintage Wines"

What Do You Cook for Yourself if You're Hungry?
"Penne Pasta with Shrimp Tempura in Alfredo Sauce & Pesto"

If You Could Ask Three Famous Chefs (Living or Historical Figures) to Dinner and Cook for Them, Who Would You Invite?
1) "Caprial Pence"
2) "Pol Martin"
3) "Emeril Lagase"

What Would You Cook?
"Cured Beef Escalope with Wasabi Cream
Garden Salad with Mango in Orange Chili Dressing
Deep Fried Salmon Fillet in Lumpia Wrapper served with Onion Potato and Herb Butter Sauce
Tempura Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup and Strawberry Coulis"

Do You Eat SPAM®?

If You Could Only Eat One Cuisine for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?
"Spaghetti Bolognese"



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