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Christopher Adams

Date of Birth: March 1971
Place of Birth: Maine
Marital Status: Married
Length on Guam: 2nd Tour - Oct 2015

Employed at: Leo Palace Resort Guam
Title: Executive Chef

Previous Employment
Gyeongju Hilton
Guam - Pacific Islands Club (2006)
Saipan - Grand Hotel (now Kanoa Resort)
Cape Cod

Culinary Training
Johnson & Wales University

How Do You Describe Your Style of Cooking?
"My cooking is a combination of alot of styles of cooking and I adapt to wherever I am. I am a fusion chef with a strong Asian, Mexican, Italian, French and Japanese background."

Do You Have a Particular Philosophy about Food?
"My philosophy is the customers will always decide how good the foods are by the presentation first then the flavors and consistency."

What is Your Favorite Cuisine?

What is Your Favorite Dish to Prepare?
"Either a traditional New England Clam Chowder or traditional French Onion Soup.

What is Your Favorite Beverage?
"Iced Green Tea"

What Do You Cook for Yourself if You're Hungry?
"Very simple foods."

If You Could Ask Three Famous Chefs (Living or Historical Figures) to Dinner and Cook for Them, Who Would You Invite?
1) "Julia Child"
2) "Mario Batali"
3) "Japanese Iron Chefs"

What Would You Cook?
" I would make a fusion of Italian/Japanese and basic down home cooking to appeal to all their tastes with the freshest seafoods and fish."

Do You Eat SPAM®?

If You Could Only Eat One Cuisine for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?
"Fusion Cuisine that changes all the time and is creative and takes some ideas from all cuisines and incorporates them into a single creation."