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Joseph A. Borja

Date of Birth: May 1972
Place of Birth: Guam
Marital Status: Single
Length on Guam: 18 years

Employed at: Frankie's Deli
Title: Chef

Previous Employment
Gabriel's House of Pasta
I Natibu
The Grille at Santa Fe
Old Hagatna Grill

Culinary Training
Art Institute, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

How Do You Describe Your Style of Cooking?
"Italian American"

Do You Have a Particular Philosophy about Food?
"Cook what you like to eat yourself and it will always taste good."

What is Your Favorite Cuisine?

What is Your Favorite Dish to Prepare?
"Pigs Feet Estufao"

What is Your Favorite Beverage?
"Pepsi in a can"

What Do You Cook for Yourself if You're Hungry?
"Spam, fried egg, mayo & Tabasco sandwich"

If You Could Ask Three Famous Chefs (Living or Historical Figures) to Dinner and Cook for Them, Who Would You Invite?
1) "Emeril"
2) "Dean Louie"
3) "Wolfgang Puck"

What Would You Cook?
"Achoite Rubbed Beef Brisket"

Do You Eat SPAM®?

If You Could Only Eat One Cuisine for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?