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David Lee-Sang

Date of Birth: 08/11/1958
Place of Birth: Surrey, England
Marital Status: married
Length on Guam:

Employed at: Spitfire Pub & Grille
Title: Executive Chef

Previous Employment
PIC Guam, Cafe Havana at Hyatt Guam, Churchill Hotel
(Hyatt) London, Hard Rock Cafe Saipan

Culinary Training
Westminster Hotel School, London, UK

How Do You Describe Your Style of Cooking?
"Deliously Different"

Do You Have a Particular Philosophy about Food?
"great appearance & taste"

What is Your Favorite Cuisine?

What is Your Favorite Dish to Prepare?
"Oxtail with Rice & Peas"

What is Your Favorite Beverage?
"Guiness Punch"

What Do You Cook for Yourself if You're Hungry?
"Whatever my dreams or taste buds crave"

If You Could Ask Three Famous Chefs (Living or Historical Figures) to Dinner and Cook for Them, Who Would You Invite?
1) "The Roux Brothers"
2) "Auguste Escoffier"
3) "The Galloping Gourmet"

What Would You Cook?
"Jamaican Salt Fish Patties, Belly of Pork with Yams & Chinese Red Beans, Brambley Apple & Ruburb Crumble with UK Custard"

Do You Eat SPAM®?

If You Could Only Eat One Cuisine for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?



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