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Becoming the Guam Food Guy

As his mother's designated kitchen helper, Ken Stewart had no idea how far his love of food would take him. That was in 1959 when he was an Air Force dependent and his family was stationed in Guam. Forty-two years later, it seems he's come full-circle and emerged as the Guam Food Guy.

After his early experience in his mother's kitchen, including a close encounter with an electric griddle, Ken developed an appreciation for the food service industry working as a dishwasher and later busboy for the Mr. Steak Restaurant chain in California. Not your every day busboy, he actually helped develop a "Busboy Bible" that the chain used system-wide.

After college he worked in the Export Department of the Hobart Corporation. Guam's warmth and sunshine was never far from his mind though, in 1978 he came back to Guam to work for Smith Hotel & Restaurant Supply, the local Hobart distributor. That company was later purchased by Atkins Kroll. As a sales representative and later a manager in these two companies he was able to develop relationships with the chefs and food & beverage managers from the hotels and restaurants that they supplied.

In 1994, Atkins Kroll closed its restaurant division and Ken made a brief foray into the tech world with Innova Technologies, providing electronic interactive advertising and information services via the InfoGuide hotel kiosk. At Innova he continued to deal with some of the same customers from his hotel & restaurant days.

During his Innova days, Ken discovered the power of the internet and when Innova closed, he was able to venture out on his own, using the internet to provide information and marketing services to customers.

Although Ken sent his first email review out in January 2000, the Guam Food Guy was not born until April during a brainstorming session with friend and local marketing guru, Jerry Roberts. The original moniker, "Food Guy," had to be modified since there's actually someone out there on the internet that likes food as much as Ken does and was already using the name.

With his weekly restaurant reviews the Guam Food Guy hopes to bring attention to the myriad of dining experiences available to the food lovers of Guam. Combining his years of experience in all aspects of dining out, Ken strives to make his reviews helpful to the restaurant owners and managers as well as to the diners.

With, the Guam Food Guy along with Sentient Earth, Inc. bring you Guam's most comprehensive source of information on food, wine, health & nutrition and our favorite island pastime, dining! We hope you enjoy this site and visit us often!

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Michelle T. Christy 'Chelle' was born near Perth, Western Australia and has traveled far and wide in her chosen field of Biology and Natural Resources. She has a PhD in Amphibian Conservation Biology so you can legitimately call her "Dr. Christy." Chelle has been widely published in such estoeric publications as Australian Zoologist and The Ecotravellers Wildlife Guide to Eastern Australia among others. Her background includes stints with the Australian Museum, Flora & Fauna Assessements in the Australian bushland and field research in New Caledonia. Here on Guam Chelle is working on the Brown Tree Snake Project.

After golden bell frogs, honeyeaters and snakes, Chelle's true love is wines. Her first encounter with wine was at an early age - click here to read about that - and her knowledge of wine was developed through avid study, sampling and collecting. Chelle keeps a extensive cellar (over 1500 bottles) of wines in Sydney. Her philosophy of wine is "If you know what you like, build on that. If you don't know, but you want to learn, uncork a bottle and get started."

We're delighted she has turned her passion for wine into a regular feature for the on-line visitors to When she isn't studying those pesky brown tree snakes or sampling wines she can be found paddling with Team Manhita.

Contact Chelle at

Arin Greenwood came to Saipan in February, 2002, with every intention of returning to New York City after one year. That plan having failed, Arin now works as a law clerk at the CNMI Supreme Court, and writes about strange great things - many involving food and travel - for such publications as Asian Diver, Yoga Journal, The Bark, Kansai Time Out, the St. Petersburg Times, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Arin has been a vegetarian since she was six years old. Many of her dining companions, however, eat everything put before them.

Contact Arin at

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