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June 20, 2003, Volume 3 Number 25

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

As much as we all love to eat local food, it really takes experience and skill to prepare many of our popular dishes. And, although there are local cookbooks and recipes available on-line, some folks get frustrated if they can't find all the ingredients needed to make these dishes. Wouldn't it be neat if someone created "pre-packaged" Chamorro favorites such as Aroskadu (Rice Soup), Bunelos Uhang (Shrimp Patties) or Chalakiles (Toasted Rice Soup)? Would you believe that these are already available?!! Tres Na Famalao'an, Inc. (which translates as "three women"), is a new company doing business as "Fina'tinas i Isla", and the primary goal is to " preserve and promote the Chamorro culture by way of its island's local cuisine..." and to "...provide a taste of good old authentic Chamorro food products readily available for shipment anywhere in the world." The three women partners, Priscilla Santos, Becky Chargualaf and Frances Taitano, spent two years developing some fourteen products in unique dry mix form to make "Quick n' Easy Chamorro Food." So if you want to make Latiya (Custard Mix), Roskette (Cornstarch Cookie Mix), or Gollai Monggos (Mongo Bean Soup) which sells for $7.45 and makes 4-6 servings--you can do so now without the fuss of making everything from scratch! The products are impressively packaged and feature their unique logo of three women next to a red boonie pepper. They are just starting the distribution of these is our hope they will soon be available at a grocery store or gift shop convenient to you. For more information, you can contact them at 472-0365 (phone/fax), 721-5593 (pager), or e-mail at Kudos to our Tres Na Famalao' is their brand of ingenuity and determination that converts hope to reality!

Ken, "The Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Great Island Style SPAMô 2003 - Chamorro-Polish Fusion Takes the Day
  • A Birthday to Remember - The Guam Food Guy Celebrates 50 Years at Roy's
  • Hawaiian Seafood Names - Identify That Fish
  • June Directions Magazine Cartoons "Face Full" Food Guy for Banquet Guide
  • Marianas Trench - New Home Infuses New Life to Old Thai Dive

Great Island Style SPAMô 2003 - Chamorro-Polish Fusion Takes the Day

It was a hard fought battle in the center court of Micronesia Mall last Saturday as the preliminary winners vied for the Grand Prize in this year's SPAMô cook-off. Only a single point separated the Grand Prize and 1st Place winners and the runners-up were all within a few points of the top. Judging on presentation, taste and originality it was a difficult task to select just one from a field of great entries. At the end of the afternoon it was Jennifer Alfred's intriquing SPAMô Pika Pierogi (a traditional Polish dumpling filled with a pika SPAMô mixture then deep fried) which won the day over Amy Hollingsworth's Japanese-style SPAMô Ginger & Scallion Dumplings. We recommend everyone try out these excellent recipes and enjoy SPAMô in a new way. Congratulations go out to all of the contestants and their fantastic efforts.

A Birthday to Remember - The Guam Food Guy Celebrates 50 Years at Roy's

A recent gathering celebrated the transition of the peripatetic gourmet into his 5th decade. A close circle of business partners and friends laughed their way through several appetizers and wine bottles until they were conquered by Chef Eddie Chien's tour de force - a superb rack of lamb oven roasted and seasoned to absolute perfection. Our Guam Food Guy was wined, dined, and shamelessly dubbed, "Officially Antique", by Roy's Chorale Ensemble and assembled guests. A final musical birthday tribute was made by Mico & Stevie, who implored the birthday boy to "make a speech" - a task our glowing food raconteur took on with daredevil aplomb! Thank God for rubber boots!! It was a birthday to remember, with a feast and company too wonderful to forget! Many thanks to Roland, Chef Eddie and all of the outstanding staff at Roy's for making everything perfect.

Hawaiian Seafood Names - Identify That Fish

Thanks to the Ocean Resources Branch of one of Hawaii's economic development agencies, it is now easier to identify what that fish on the menu is with this list of popular Hawaiian names. No more scratching your head as you try to figure out which one you want. The following guide may prove valuable to your knowledge of these delicacies from the denizens of the deep:

1. "Opah" is Moonfish, and has a juicy, rich (almost creamy) flavor.
2. "Hapu'upu'u" is Grouper or Sea Bass and has a mild, light elegant taste.
3. "Onaga" is Ruby Snapper, known as a tender, moist fish with mild flavor.
4. "Opakapaka" is Pink or Crimson Snapper, also mild, moist and versatile.
5. "Uku" is Grey Snapper or Jobfish, and is flaky and slightly aromatic.
6. "Tombo" is Albacore Tuna, which is assertive and meaty - 'a red wine fish'

June Directions Magazine Cartoons "Face Full" Food Guy for Banquet Guide

The cover of the June 2003 issue of Directions Magazine features the smiling face of Joe Husslein, PacifiCare Asia Pacific chief, subject of this month's interview. There is a compelling article on the telecom industry as well as interesting reading on how some insurance providers are viewing certain consumer actions as "legalized gambling". And though the coverage of the Guam Chamber of Commerce's 79th birthday is filled with memorable images of Guam's movers and shakers, nothing has quite the impact on the mind as digital artist Charles Leddy's cartoon rendering of Guam Food Guy Ken Stewart's normally "composed" visage does! Everyone who knows Ken has reacted immediately with a laugh or a grin upon encountering the colorful full page caricature of Stewart which leads into his Banquet Guide 2003 article. This year's guide features some "out of the box" thinking for finding places to celebrate or hold that special event. Get your copy today.

Marianas Trench - New Home Infuses New Life to Old Thai Dive

If you want to witness a real-life 180 degree turnaround, then you've got to see the new Marianas Trench Thai Restaurant & Lounge, recently relocated to the Northwest Plaza, just across Marine Drive from Atkins Kroll. It's a difference between night and day for the Trench which used to be dark and cavernous with a bar room atmosphere. Over the years customers had gravitated to cleaner, brighter Thai restaurants that opened in Tamuning and Tumon. It's a new day for the Trench as the new owner, Malee Thompson, has completed a "Cinderella-like" transformation for this venerable, 16 year old restaurant, retaining the original Thai food quality in spacious new digs with plenty of parking and seating.

The Som Tom (Papaya Salad, $8) is a great way to start your venture into a rich Thai dining journey. A wedge of lettuce and long beans are stacked next to the nut-covered blend of shredded papaya, bean sprouts, and tomatoes. These undressed veggies are eaten after each bite of the papaya salad to dilute the intensity of the spicy fish sauce dressing.

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