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June 27, 2003, Volume 3 Number 26

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

As I sit here in Narita's sprawling airport complex, waiting for my flight to Newark, I am beginning to feel the excitement and anticipation of one of life's great experiences - a family reunion! This one will be held in Bellfontaine, Ohio, and is a merging of three family trees, the Stewart-Whetsel-Smit Family Reunion 2003. I've not been to Ohio since 1978 and will be seeing relatives I've never met nor knew existed! That's going to be enriching, and I look forward to sharing my life with distant cousins, uncles, aunts, great-uncles and aunts, nephews, nieces, and the like. I'll be with some of my siblings as well as my parents, so I feel truly blessed and lucky. I'm also going to make it a point to eat everything in sight, or at least "within reach!" I'll have a blast and will share some of my adventures with you afterwards.

Adios and talk with you later!

Ken, "the Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Around the Island - LTB on Holiday, Fina'tinas i Isla Update, Planet Hollywood
  • Korean Cuisine Made Easy - Visit California Mart and Take Home a Feast
  • Thai Kitchen - The Best of the Great Thai Restaurants on Guam

Around the Island - LTB on Holiday, Fina'tinas i Isla Update, Planet Hollywood

The hard working folks over at Le Tasi Bistro are taking a well deserved holiday for the next 2 weeks. LTB will close Saturday, June 28 and reopen on Monday, July 14 which just happens to be Bastille Day. I recall a previous Bastille Day menu at LTB which included an incredible Green Apple Creme Brulee. We will keep you posted on any special plans for Bastille Day from Le Tasi Bistro.

Fina'tinas i Isla, the easy-to-make Chamorro food mixes, drew a lot of attention in last week's newsletter from all around the world. In response to lots of inquiries, we contacted the ladies of Tres Na Famalao'an, Inc. for an update. According to Becky Chargualaf, you will be able to purchase these excellent products within a couple of weeks at a shop they are opening in the Chamorro Village. In the meantime, please feel free to contact them at the following numbers 472-0365 (phone/fax), 721-5593 (pager) or email And, encourage your local grocery store to carry the product. Ray Gibson of Power 98 and Newstalk K-57 gave a big thumbs up to the Beer Bread Mix which he made over the weekend.

This coming week sees one of Guam's most popular events, the Planet Hollywood Bartending competition. On Wednesday, July 2 at 10pm you can watch ace local bartenders compete to represent Guam in the finals which will be held the following night July 3 at 10pm. The Guam winner will challenge bartenders from Korea, Japan and the mainland to determine who is the best. These competitions are always great fun and the showmanship of the bartenders is amazing. Miller and Bacardi specials will be available both nights so come on down and enjoy the show! Call 647-STAR (7827) for more information.

Korean Cuisine Made Easy - Visit California Mart and Take Home a Feast

In the tight economic times we are experiencing on Guam any great deal is welcome news. For those of you who love Korean food but it is a bit out the budget these days there is an answer which will have you rolling in all the kimchee and bulgogi you can eat.

California Mart in the Guam Preimere Outlets has a huge selection of those wonderful Korean side dishes we all love. You can buy as much or as little as you like, choosing from over 30 different varieties including seasoned mung beans $2.99/lb, cucumber kimchee $4.99/lb, seasoned tofu $3.99/lb and many, many more. Then head over to the meat area and choose from the sliced and marinated beef bulgogi $5.49/lb, teriyaki chicken $4.99/lb or pork bulgogi $3.99/lb. Take it all home, cook the meat yourself and serve it up with rice, you will be in kimchee heaven. We purchased large quantities of 10 different side dishes and 6 pounds of the various meats for a dinner party the other night and spent just under $60 - the quality of the food is excellent and many of the dishes are ones you don't see in restaurants.

Thai Kitchen - The Best of the Great Thai Restaurants on Guam

Guam is blessed with many great choices for Asian food. Did you know that there are over fifty Japanese restaurants, thirty-five Korean places and twenty-seven serving Vietnamese cuisine? We have these wonderful places to eat thanks in great part to the many immigrants who have made Guam home in the past 30 years or so. In my opinion, the most interesting and complex of Asian cuisines is Thai. The variety of ingredients, the spices and unique flavors combined with artful presentation create a total food experience that is superior. And, while all of the Thai restaurants on Guam (there are 9) are very good and the lunch buffets at Ban Thai and TimeOut are excellent, the real stand out is Thai Kitchen.

Owned by Toy McGurk, Thai Kitchen, is a place to sit down and really enjoy great food. Since Toy took over Thai Kitchen (she was the cook at the legendary Thai restaurant Pim's Place which closed a number of years ago) she has set a standard of excellence that is not compromised. Each dish is cooked when you order it so while you will wait a bit, your dish will be freshly created using the best ingredients and it will be delicious. Her exacting standards mean that sometimes a dish on the menu might not be available right then because the quality of ingredients from the wholesaler and/or market was not acceptable. There are over 60 items on the menu so you're sure to find something you want or, I encourage you to do this, try something new. You will not be disappointed.

Thai Kitchen seats only about 40 people so if you plan to go for lunch it is wise to get there early or have a late lunch since they are open all afternoon. If you go during the rush, you will wait for a table but you'll be surrounded by lots of happy diners. We had an excellent light lunch there recently of a beautiful Papaya Salad ($7) and Spicy Noodles with Pork ($7). The Papaya Salad is a work of art in itself and the taste is truly exquisite. The combination of the cool and refreshing green papaya, crunchy roasted peanuts and the lightly spiced sauce makes for a true taste delight.

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Bon Appetit!

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