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Guam Diner Newsletter, September 7, 2001, Volume 1, Number 11

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

'Tis great to be back home to this gem of an island, Guahan! My brief journey to celebrate my mother's 75th birthday was a reminder of how important our families are to us. My mom returned with me for a quick visit and was able to meet with some of her friends who are part of our extended family...there are many more she would have loved to see. I want to thank Eddie Cruz for "filling in" as the guest Guam Food Guy...he did a wonderful job, both in his written review and his radio debut on Jon Anderson's K-57 Talk Show! I am extremely pleased that the "show" went on so well in my absence.

My family is quite proud of my being the "Guam Food Guy," and they took every opportunity to introduce me each time we ate somewhere. I don't know if being from Guam made me a "celebrity" or being a "food connoisseur" imparted some status...whatever it was, people were impressed. However, unlike folks on Guam, who usually ask me what the best restaurant is or my favorite food, they would ask what I thought about their food. Truthfully, I would usually answer that they served too much food...the portions were outrageous at some of the places we ate (breakfast at the Best Place Cafe in Long Beach had a $4.99 Pork Chop & Eggs entree that included 3 chops, 3 eggs, hashbrowns or home fries, and toast!). The Golden Corral Restaurant outside of Houston, Texas, features an all-you-can eat buffet for breakfast ($5.79), lunch ($5.79) and dinner ($7.29). This was primarily basic American cuisine with an emphasis on "down-home" Southern-style favorites. It was all good eating, and you could easily see how popular this place was by the average girth of many diners. (These folks were big even by our local standards!)

On the other hand, Guam's buffets have more ethnic cuisine varieties, especially from Asia, with healthier ingredients (nutritionally speaking). I don't want to get into price comparisons...we all know that living in an extremely remote island location qualifies us for what could be labeled the "paradise price." Although I'm always astonished by the mainland's overabundance of shopping and dining experiences, no place I've visited offers the quintessential elements comprising our island's unique hospitality and lifestyle, which is why I'm always glad to return home.

In Today's Issue
  • Roy's Restaurant & Lounge - Classic Original Creations by the Visiting Master Chef Yamaguchi
  • Mac & Marti Features "Fray Day" on Sept. 9
  • Celebrity Chef's Recipes at
  • Hard Rock Cafe's Sizzlin' Summer Steak Menu Signals New Culinary Direction for Guam & Saipan Eateries

Roy's Restaurant & Lounge - Classic Original Creations by the Visiting Master Chef Yamaguchi

By the time you read this article, Roy Yamaguchi, founder of Roy's Restaurants, will have already prepared and served many of his exquisite culinary masterpieces to appreciative diners, and he will have already departed on to his next destination. However, the legacy of his creations remains and can be savored and enjoyed at Roy's Restaurant & Lounge at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa. Moreover, if you've not had the opportunity to visit Roy's Lounge since its recent refurbishment, the transformation has upgraded and revitalized this venerable nightspot to a new status, leading its clientele to a new direction in comfort, sophistication and entertainment.

Roy's Lounge

I'd not yet had one of Roy's New Martinis which were featured in a 2-for-1 special last month. The Martini Menu has some intriguing categories aside from the traditional classic martinis. One is the Euro-Asian, with versions from Japan (Kaori), China (China Mist), Switzerland (Chocolate Martini), and France (Champagne). I opted for the Kaori, which is made with plum wine and dry vermouth. This is an extremely drinkable cocktail, that is both smooth and lightly sweet. For those who don't like their martinis too strong, you'll enjoy this one. Other martinis on the menu are fruity creations...

For more on Roy's Restaurant & Lounge, click here.

Mac & Marti Features "Fray Day" on Sept. 9

"Everyone has a story to tell, what's your story?" queries the yellow flyer I recently received. Well, you are all invited to share your stories, read poetry, and communicate in the oral tradition on an open microphone at Mac & Marti on Sunday night starting at 7 p.m. This event is sponsored by For more information, you can e-mail these folks at or call 727-0144.

Celebrity Chef's Recipes at

Check out recipes submitted by some of Guam's best chefs! We have a wide selection of recipes submitted by chefs from the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Hyatt Guam Resort, Old Hagatna Grill, Outrigger Guam Resort, Westin Resort Guam and the Hard Rock Cafe. We also have several recipes from Dorothy's Kitchen. Read the recipes in the chef's own words and try your hand at reproducing these restaurant favorites.

Do you have a recipe that you think is pretty good? Even if you're not a celebrity chef, will post it for other visitors to enjoy! In our Guam Diner Submissions section we give you the opportunity to share your culinary talents and become part of "Guam's Most Appetizing Website!"

To see the directory of Celebrity Chef's recipes, click here.

To see the directory of Guam Diner Submissions, click here.

To submit your own recipe and become part of, click here.

Hard Rock Cafe's Sizzlin' Summer Steak Menu Signals New Culinary Direction for Guam & Saipan Eateries

It's a "Brand New Day" at the Hard Rock Cafe, and it's not a song by "Sting" that I'm talking about, rather is a new menu promotion created by "Singh," as in HRC's Executive Chef, Kotwal Singh. The "Sizzlin Summer Steak Set Menu" features a selection of Certified Angus steaks, that can be ordered alone or combined with a lobster tail. The set menu includes a large Caesar salad, steamed rice, baked or mashed potato, or French Fries, fresh sautéed vegetables, a glass of Fetzer Eagle's Peak Merlot, and a dish of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream.

Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and there are more surprises coming up in the near future. Executive Chef Singh was previously with the Hyatt Regency Guam when I'd first met him. He is the force behind these culinary enhancements that are taking the Hard Rock Cafe on both Guam and Saipan to a new level of quality dining. It's what you call "breaking the mold" and "thinking out of the box," and represents a departure from the "same old things" that have been on the HRC's menus for years.

The new set menu will be available now through October. It is a large blue menu with color photos (revealing big, juicy grilled steaks) next to each menu selection. I actually compared my order to the picture and it was nearly identical! The sets are: Filet Mignon Set, 10 oz., in Red Wine Sauce ($41.95), and $52.95 with lobster tail; Rib Eye Steak Set, 16 oz., ($39.95) and $50.90 with lobster tail; T-Bone Set, 16 oz., ($38.95), and $49.90 with lobster tail; and the Honey Bourbon New York Strip (with special HRC sauce) 12 oz., ($39.95) and $46.95 with lobster tail. Don't let these prices fool you...considering all that you receive, it's a value.

I opted for the New York Strip without the lobster tail...

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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