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August 15, 2003, Volume 3 Number 33

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

While the kids were actively spreading deep-hued tempera paint on small, inanimate fish at last Saturday's Guam Fisherman's Co-op's Mini Carnival, adults were busy chowing down on what had to be Guam's best seafood cookout! Actually, I should be more specific about the type of seafood. It was really an event that highlighted a variety of ways to prepare marlin. After all, there were some sizable marlin caught before, during and after the Marianas Fishing Derby, so there was definitely plenty of marlin to eat!

The Co-op's president, Manny Duenas, lead his team in serving up free samples of tasty (& healthy) marlin burgers, marlin kebabs, super-juicy marlin cutlets, marlin poki, delicious smoked marlin, and marlin dip (spread on Sky Flakes)! The smoked marlin was a hit. Because marlin meat usually overdries when cooked, slow-smoking it retained moisture while bringing out incredible flavors.

he kids were fish-painting, and the brightly-colored combinations were stamped on a sheet of paper towel, making an original impression that later dried into fish art. The culinary art of the recipe creations served by the Co-op was not as colorful, but it certainly made a lasting impression. The Co-op wants Guam residents to be aware of the abundant sea-life that surrounds us and that you can visit the Co-op to purchase fresh fish, as well as several prepared take-out dishes, including salmon sashimi and poki. The ingredients of the local style poki which was the featured recipe in last week's newsletter includes sesame oil, grated fresh ginger, Kim Chee base, yellow daigo, local boonie peppers, green onions, and nori for garnish. It tastes as awesome as it sounds! So the next time (in about a year) you hear that the Fisherman's Co-op is having a mini-carnival during a derby, make sure you show up with your appetite. You will be delighted!

Ken, The Guam Food Guy

In Today's Issue:

Hagatna Foundation Plaza Festival - Saturday, August 16, 4 - 9 PM

The "hype" is on and the adrenalin is flowing. That's because this Saturday's Plaza Festival at Skinner Plaza will be the most exciting event to happen in Hagatna this century! This event will be fun for the whole family, with musical and dance entertainment, carabao rides, food, arts and crafts, beer garden, plaza tours, an island-wide kelaguen competition and, for the grand finale, Cantate's performance of the Oscar-winning musical, "The Music Man". This will be a one-time only event, so mark your calendars and plan on spending your time at the Plaza Festival. You will witness the beginning of a new awareness of Hagatna - a true-life renaissance that is spear-headed by the Hagatna Foundation.

Toshie Ito of Motiva - Saturday on K-57's "Tourism & You"

Toshie Ito of Motiva, a customer service training and human resource development company, is back by popular demand as a guest on K-57's Saturday program "Tourism & You". Ken, the "Guam Food Guy", Stewart will guest host and he and Toshie will continue their insightful dialogue on ways to improve Guam's service delivery . "When Toshie talks, people learn", "Listen to Toshie. You'll learn and earn!" These are just some of the comments from many who have attended her seminars. Toshie's reputation for achieving results is growing, as is her list of satisfied clients. People become empowered when applying the knowledge learned in Toshie's behavior-enhancing and service awareness seminars. For more information, contact her at motiva@ite net.

More Morsels From "Eat Your Words" - By Word of Mouth

We continue with our series of excerpts from Charlotte Foltz Jones' book, "Eat Your Words", which describes the language of food and how food terms and phrases have become everyday expressions. Though some words have food origins, with the passing of time their meanings have changed completely. Chapter 7 of Jones' tome is called "By Word of Mouth", and it touches on several such familiar words that started out with food. Among them:

Carnival - "The word carnival began from the Latin words carne, meaning 'meat,' and vale, meaning 'farewell,' and it refers to a time when Christians consumed a lot of meat before beginning Lent..." "The day before Lent was called carne vale - 'farewell to meat '. In the 1600s carnival began to be used as a term for any festive time. "

Company and Companion - "A companion is a person who spends time with another. A company is a group of people who work together. Both of these words come from the Latin com, which means 'with' or 'together', and panis, which means 'bread'. Whether is is with your companion or the people in your company, these words actually mean to share bread. (And it's true that companies have the goal of sharing bread - bread being another word for money!)"

A Journey of Flavors - Great Vegetarian Cuisine Featured at Wedding Reception

When my dentist, Dr Wayne Ward of the Guam SDA Clinic, invited me to attend his wedding, I did not know I would be treated to a unique culinary experience that would take my taste buds on a global voyage! Wayne and his lovely bride, Janet Mangrobang, exchanged vows on August 10 and held their reception at the Outrigger Guam Resort. The Outrigger did an outstanding job preparing such worldly dishes as Wilted Baby Bok Choy Salad with Ginger, Beansprouts & Char-grilled Red Onion, Cajun Style Corn & Eggplant Patties Served with a Creole Dipping Sauce, and Vegetarian Curry Served with Dal Raita & Nan Bread. There were also some fabulous non-vegetarian selections, such as Marinated Grilled Chicken Steaks served on a Bed of Creamy Couscous. Each of the tables at the reception had the name of a country, which happens to reflect all of the countries the newlyweds will visit on their around-the-world tour! We hope to receive updates and food samplings from them as they travel the planet, writing from cyber cafes at their various landings. This will be both fun and interesting - just like the two of them! Bon Voyage and Bon Appetit!

Around the Island - King's, Cup & Saucer, Cafe Kalachucha, Shell & BK

King's is full of surprises, especially when they have some of their managers and staff get involved in recommending their own creations. I had an exquisite Cream of Chicken Soup with Fresh Vegetables the other day at the Tamuning location. It was recommended by Judith, who told me it was something she had put together - that got my attention - good job! I hope they get their macadamia nuts in soon; those pancakes are the best.

Cup & Saucer is a place I've deliberately avoided, and with good reason, given my weakness for lucious baked goods! They make some awesome pastries and confections. My will power gave in recently and I had an Apple Turnover with a crispy crust and perfectly spiced apple filling, a Brownie with a sinful amount of rich chocolate and nuts, and a new (to me) creation called a Butterhorn, which is a combination of a cinnamon roll, crumb cake, and Danish. There are other creations awaiting. Their pastries are more expensive than most, however, you can be sure you will get what you pay for. After all, if you are going to have a pastry, you shouldn't settle for less - go for quality!

Starting August 14, the Westin's Cafe Kalachucha is launching a new style of lunch. Diners will be offered an appetizer, salad, soup, and dessert, along with their main course selection of Salmon Filet, Garlic Flavored Prawns, Cornish Hen, as well as others, including Japanese dishes. This lunch will be priced at $15 a person with a 10% service charge, and served Monday-Thursday, from 11:30am-2:30pm.

It's been awhile since Shell and Burger King teamed up for one of their always popular burger promotions. From August 14 through September 13 buy 10 gallons of gasoline at participating Shell stations and get a coupon for a Free Whopper Jr.! This one is just in time for back-to-school so take advantage of this promo. Check the Shell Guam website for complete details and restrictions.

Upper Tumon's Aji-Ichi continues to be a favorite stopping point for lovers of their unique Japanese preparations. We recently visited and had their Fried Mixed Vegetables ($6.75), Tempura Set ($9), and Tendon ($7.75). The food has been consistently good, as has been their friendly service. The view of Tumon Bay and hotel row below makes the visit all the more special. Portions are generous, and food is served fairly quickly.

Spring Chinese Kitchen - Low Price Draws High Traffic To New Tamuning Eatery

If you are looking for good Chinese food to eat at a price that's hard to beat, then Spring Chinese Kitchen may be the place for you and your family, especially during these penny-watching times! Located on Farenholt Avenue in the old Cyber-Up Cafe location between Scuba Company and Video Quest, Spring Chinese Kitchen is a first-time effort for the Yeh family. This little place opened on July 4. I've been meaning to stop by and try this new restaurant, and I'm glad I finally did. Spring is the name of the owner, Spring Yeh. Her husband does the cooking and her young daughter and son help out in the dining room. Spring is a vivacious, energetic woman whose small size belies her ambition. Running a restaurant is not easy, and starting one from scratch is even more difficult .

What's surprising about Spring Chinese Kitchen is how low the prices are! The most expensive menu items are $5.95, and these are all dishes that include shrimp. I had the Egg Fu Yung with Shrimp, which I considered to be above average. For the price, that's really saying something. The portions are all sized for an individual meal, yet at these prices, a family can really afford to order a variety of menu items.

There is one caveat though about Spring Chinese Kitchen's prices - they may not last much longer. Why? The present menu is the Grand Opening Lunch & Dinner Special menu, and features 28 items, ranging from Roast Duck (they'd just run out before I could order), Fried Rice with Barbecue Pork, Braised Tofu, to Chop Suey Fried Noodles. The menu will change in September and there will be modest prices increases. However, Spring did say they will be adding more dishes to the menu, which will increase their appeal to more customers.

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Bon Appetit!

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