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October 10 , 2003, Volume 3 Number 41

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

If you want to see something magnificent and awe-inspiring, take a drive over to the Leo Palace Resort in Manenggon Hills. The construction pace has really picked up since we've had drier weather. They are putting some of the final touches on the new hotel building that will also house 4 new restaurants. The baseball fields are impressive, with one having a breath-taking ocean vista that will surely please the Yomiuri Giants when they come to this facility next spring for training. There's a real quality to this place with the developers obviously taking a great amount of care to create a world-class sports recreation complex that has tremendous potential to attract visitors not only from Japan and Asia, but from Europe, as well, since there are facilities for soccer. We will let you know more about the four restaurants (Italian, Japanese, Asian, and a Coffee Shop) once we get word. Since there's supposed to be a large contingent of visitors from Japan due in the next few weeks (somewhere around 1,100 people), you can appreciate the state of "urgency" they are going through with requisitions, deliveries, training, etc., just to be ready to open for these new guests. Most of the labor force is comprised of local residents, so this project certainly is a shot in the arm for the economy. As most of you living here know, our economic condition requires a lot of "shots in our arms" to get on and remain on the road to recovery. I believe we are getting there!

Ken - the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Cost-U-Less Harmon - Bringing Us Closer to Mainland Standards
  • 3rd Annual KPRG Thrift Store Ball - Saturday, Oct 11, Jeff's Pirates Cove
  • Guam Symphony Society Presents Mozart & Beethoven - Oct 11 & 12, UOG
  • MCA News - General Meeting, Voting for COY/AMOY and Gala Dinner
  • Around the Island - Wendy's Chicken Strips, Holiday Inn Dinner Specials, May's
  • Paradise Food & Restaurant - ITC Eatery Wins With Food for Local Tastes

Cost-U-Less Harmon - Bringing Us Closer to Mainland Standards

If you are like me, you'd rather wait until all the "hubbub" has settled down whenever a new store opens so that you don't have to wait in long lines or be squeezed through the aisles in a slow-flowing mass of people. The secret to avoiding the crowds is to go early on a weekday around opening time. Cost-U-Less has made fantastic improvements in its expanded facilities. The Rotisserie Chicken looks very appealing and is displayed on a special heated merchandiser. The Seafood Department will amaze you...I saw huge jumbo prawns and a variety of other fish, including live crabs. The produce section was abundantly stocked with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, including herbs - which really impressed me! There are so many new products on display that I really began to think I was visiting the States. This they've done is really exciting. There is even a Boston Pizza restaurant together with the Chamorro Chip Cookies kiosk - a good move for our friends Bob & Fran M. This is an impressive shopping experience, one that every consumer on Guam will appreciate - good product selections and affordable pricing!

3rd Annual KPRG Thrift Store Ball - Saturday, October 11, Jeff's Pirates Cove

A "fun" fund-raising party for the benefit of Guam's Public Radio Station, KPRG, will be held this coming Saturday at Jeff's Pirates Cove in Ipan, Talofofo. The basic idea bind the KPRG Thrift Store Ball is to dress up in the tackiest clothing possible and party your heart out. The donation is only $15, which gets you a rare late night opportunity to be at Jeff's (which usually closes at 6pm), as well as a draft beer or a soda. Old-timers will remember that Jeff's used to be open until 10pm and sometimes later in the past. There's nothing like an evening party at Jeff's, with the moon, the ocean, the breeze, and great music. Speaking of which, you will be able to dance to live Rock & Roll performed by Twisted Finger. There will be prizes and trophies awarded in competitions. This is a worthy cause and certainly a fun way to make a contribution.

Guam Symphony Society Presents Mozart & Beethoven - Oct 11 & 12, UOG

The Guam Symphony Society will present Mozart's Symphony No. 40 and Beethoven's 'The Ruins of Athens' on Saturday, October 11 at 8pm, and Sunday, October 12 at 2pm, in the UOG Fine Arts Theatre. Pre-sale tickets are $12 for adults, $7 for students and military, and are available at Faith Bookstore and China Arts. Tickets at the door will cost $15 for adults, and $10 for students and military.

MCA News - General Meeting, Voting for COY/AMOY and Gala Dinner

October is a busy month for the Micronesian Chefs Association with votes for Chef of the Year and Allied Member of the Year due no later than this Monday, October 13 at the monthly general membership meeting. The monthly meeting will be held at the Hotel Nikko with doors opening at 7:30pm and the meeting starting at 8:30pm. The point of contact for vendors, presentations, etc. is either Sonny Eligio at 649-8815 or MCA President Christophe Durliat at the Hilton Guam.

Nominated for Chef of the Year are Clayton Babas, Christophe Durliat and Kotwal Singh. Allied Member of the Year nominees are Barry Mead, Ken Stewart and Jerry Toves.

The Gala Dinner which will feature the presentation of Chef of the Year and Allied Member of the Year awards will be held Saturday, October 25 at the Outrigger Resort. Details regarding tickets, etc. will be forthcoming.

Around the Island - Wendy's Chicken Strips, Holiday Inn Dinner Specials, May's

Wendy's has just introduced a new product - Wendy's Homestyle Chicken Strips, which are tender white breast meat strips that are seasoned and battered, then fried to a golden crunch. Although these strips are good on their own, they are enhanced by several new dipping sauces, namely a Spicy Southwest Chipotle and a Deli Honey Mustard. There is a Ranch dip as well, however, I really think the Chipotle and the Deli Honey Mustard have more appeal and flavor.

Chef Singh at the Holiday Inn is continuing to upgrade the offerings at La Brasserie and you can now enjoy special Dinner buffets on Thursday and Friday nights. Thursday is a Prime Rib Buffet with all of the fixings you expect and free flowing Bud and Bud Light. Friday night is the Seafood Buffet where you can feast on the freshest crab, shrimp and seafood with all-you-can-drink Heineken. The price for both of these great buffets is $23.99 plus 10% service charge. Children 8-12 years are $12 plus 10% and the Family Special is children under 8 eat free when accompanied by 2 paying adults! Call them at 647-7272 ext 214 for reservations and information.

In the mood for some excellent Chinese food for lunch or dinner? Don't forget about May's in the New Century Hotel along Ypao Road. She serves some of the tastiest food in town and at truly reasonable prices. Take-out and advance orders are welcome. Call them at 647-3188/3288. She is moving soon to the old American Cafe location next to Kim Chee store later this month so be sure to check where they are before you go.

Paradise Food & Restaurant - ITC Eatery Wins With Food for Local Tastes

When Aurora Morellano decided to change careers and venture into the restaurant business earlier this year, she already had a good idea about what it takes to succeed - good food, friendly service, and affordable prices. The other element is "location", and her little corner on the ground floor of Tamuning's ITC Building next to the Bank of Guam entrance gives her great exposure to a flow of customers, many of whom actually work in building. Paradise Food & Restaurant is an "oasis" for these workers, who come here during the course of the day to take a relaxing break and chat with friends while eating from a flavorful selection of comfort foods. Although Paradise opens for breakfast at 7am, when they serve Spam & Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles, Ham & Cheese Sandwiches and other morning fare (prices start at $2.95!), it's the lunch service that's drawing more and more customers who are hearing about the savory homestyle meals available on weekdays from 10am - 2pm. A One-Choice meal is available for $3.95, 2-Choice is $4.95, and 3-Choice is $5.95.

So what's the big deal about these plate meals - especially when you can get 1, 2, & 3 choice meals all over the island? Well, the secret at Paradise is that the food is not just Filipino nor Chamorro nor's a combination of all of these. Today's selections (they change daily) included Chicken Tinola, BBQ Pork Ribs, Chicken Sauteed with Green Beans, Simmered Ham Hocks, Pork with Egg Plant & Black Bean Sauce, Kang Kong with Shrimp, Fried Chicken, Pancit Crispy Noodles, and Chicken with Mushrooms. When I tasted the foods, I was hard-pressed to identify the cuisine style - it was just plain good, and as I watched other diners eat, many of them were engrossed in eating, some Filipino-style with fork and spoons a-scoopin'away. When sampling the various dishes, I noted that each was made with distinctly different sauces, that were each remarkably tasty. When Aurora told me that her cook, Larry Leoman, was directly responsible for creating these unusual variations, and that he had started cooking at Agana's legendary Mini Cafe when he was 16 years old, I then understood why "local" residents (of all ethnic extractions) like the tastes of his blended creations.

Aurora is assisted by her daughter, Jen, and both are familiar faces to those of you who may have had occasion to stop by the Tamuning Mobil Station next to Megabyte, where they operated and served customers for years. Aurora and Jen are two of the "smiling-est" people I know...they seem to be just naturally happy, and it's contagious when you are around them. Aurora says she is rewarded by satisfying her customers. Her restaurant is clean, nicely decorated, comfortable, brightly lit, and air conditioned. As with all fast food eateries, you pick and choose your food (everything comes with rice). Aurora thinks people like her restaurant because she makes them feel welcome...just like inviting them into your home.

Paradise Food & Restaurant is open until 5pm with sandwiches and other prepared foods, beverages and snacks available. Today's dessert was a Sweet Corn Ginataan (corn with coconut milk), which you can buy separately in various size bowls. Jello and Melon juice ($1.50) are also available. Although this cozy little restaurant appeals to many, Paradise won't make everyone happy. They don't yet have a vegetarian menu and some non-smokers will be uncomfortable, although there are smoking and non-smoking sections. However, for most people, the Morellano's infectious hospitality, the tasty homestyle cooking, and the convenient location makes Paradise Food & Restaurant the right choice. Call them at 646-8161 or drop by and see them between 7am - 5pm and see what's cooking today!

Bon appetit!

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