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Guam Diner Newsletter, September 14, 2001, Volume 1, Number 12

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Words cannot express the depth of sorrow, grief and disbelief at the recent terrorist attack against the United States, acknowledged leader of the free world. Our prayers and condolences to both the victims and their surviving families of this travesty against human life and the democratic principles which form the foundation of our great country. As we sit down to eat our next meal, let us take a moment to reflect on the many blessings we have been fortunate to enjoy and on the sanctity of life. We will not allow this cowardly attack to deter us from supporting our beliefs and values as free-thinking, life-affirming citizens of the world.

After much soul-searching and dealing with my personal outrage, frustration, as well as a sense of helplessness, I reached an impasse about finishing my column. Suddenly, I realized that life must go on, that we be vigilant and brave in pursuing our dreams and freedoms, and that we must make it a point to "show up" to do the work that is expected of us. We will not let mindless fanatics rob us of our spirit and the will to live and enjoy our lives. The perpetrators of this heinous crime will be brought to justice. You can be sure of this. God Bless America!

In Today's Issue
  • New Life Begins at Tumon's Underwater World
  • A Taste Of Spain at Hilton's Islander Terrace - Sept. 13 - 16
  • Island Vibes Village Tour 2001
  • Pearl Cafe in Tumon - Tasty Chinese , Cheap Prices, Friendly Service
  • Claret - Dai Ichi's Bay View Hideaway Offers Elegant Dining with a French Flair

New Life Begins at Tumon's Underwater World

Guam has something extra-special to celebrate and it is a "good news" story having to do with "sharks" ... newborn, baby Australian Zebra Sharks to be precise. Last Friday evening, I was taken on a private viewing at Tumon's Underwater World, where I witnessed another of Mother Nature's living wonders. Just barely two days old, I observed three tiny little Zebra Sharks (they had rings around their bodies resembling Zebras) swimming in a holding tank located in the lab facility within UW's confines. They've since been moved to a special 2nd floor exhibit area for public viewing (just look for the balloons!). It's quite understandable that all the folks at Underwater World are ecstatic about this event. In the aquarium world, this is very rare, and it's the first time that Australian Zebra Sharks were bred and born on Guam. The first three hatchlings (the egg pods were laid back in May and discovered by divers) weighed and measured in at 4 oz, 11"; 3.2 oz, 11", and 4.7 oz, 12.25", in order of birth. Two more babies were born on Sunday night. There are nine more egg pods (these pods are fibrous, resembling coconut tree husks) awaiting hatching ... something that can happen any day! The live egg pods are on display as well on the 2nd floor viewing area.

The new babies are being fed fresh shrimp and smelt, which must be one of their favorite foods since they are growing quickly. My Friday night tour also included a visit into the Underwater World tunnel to see the proud parents. By the way, if you've not been to Underwater World yet, or if you haven't been recently, this is a good time to go. This is a world class attraction, with an impressive population and selection of fish, rays and several shark species, as well as an array of exotic sea creatures. The overall number has increased since my first visit when the Tumon aquarium opened a few years ago. Curiously, the adult Zebra Sharks don't bear any resemblance to the ringed babies, rather the adults have "spots", more similar in appearance to leopards. I was amazed to find out from one of the Underwater World staff that the stripes turn to spots when the Zebra sharks reach sexual maturity ... if it could only be that simple for humans!

A Taste of Spain at Hilton's Islander Terrace - Sept. 13 - 16

What? You missed your flight to Spain?!! Not to worry, Spain's coming to you this week at the Hilton's Islander Terrace, Guam's culinary travel agency! A delightful buffet of Spanish treats will tantalize your palates with a selection of tapas such as Bunelos de Queso (Hot Fried Cheese Puffs) and Pinchitos Morunos (Spicy kebabs). Savory appetizers (over 24) include Stuffed Calamares, Chicken Breast Mariniere, and Valencian Orange & Onion Salad. There's more ... much more! Gazpacho, Chilled Almond Soup Malaga Style, Grilled Vegetables, Mackerel and Red Pepper Stew, and the Spanish favorite, "Zarzuela", a seafood medley. How about heartier fare? You can sample the Roast Quail, Roast Duck, Cordero Asado (Roast Leg of Lamb) and even the Baby Milk Pork. Spanish breads and cheeses will be available. Dessert promises to take you over the top - Honey Bread Pudding (Torrijas), Marqesa de Chocolate Valenciana, Brazo Gitano (Gypsy Rolled Sponge Cake) and Peaches Baked in Red Wine. (mmmmm!)

But no Spanish meal would be complete without a great Spanish wine to accompany it, and Hilton offers an all-you-can drink dinner special for Torres Gran Coronas Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lunch Buffet pricing (Sept 13-16) is $16.00, Dinner is $28.00, and Sunday Brunch (Sept. 16) is $28.00. All prices subject to a 10% Service Charge, and Take 12 & Diamond Club member benefits apply. Click here to place reservations by email!

Island Vibes Village Tour 2001

Be sure to catch the Island Vibes Village Tour 2001. For the months of September and October, the Tour will be performing at various local night spots, and will be featuring the singing phenomena, Ro Limuaco, local vocalist whose CD, "Ro: Our Love is Alive", has become an island favorite; Donavan Brooks; Mike Hernandez; and the Styles Perham Project. The 14th will be Chuck's Steak House in Tumon Village and the 19th will be at Shooters in Hagatna.

Pearl Cafe in Tumon - Tasty Chinese , Cheap Prices, Friendly Service

At Pearl Cafe, you can be sure to find something good to eat for everyone in your family, without putting a dent in your wallet! This cute little eatery is located across from the DFS Galleria between Bully's and Donburiya...just below Trades Jazz Club.

Open seven days a week, from 10:00 a.m. to Midnite, Pearl Cafe serves up an assortment of Dim Sum, Chinese Style Noodle & Rice Dishes, Vegetables and Meat Dishes. My young companions Danny and Devyn joined me one evening for what amounted to a menu tour, wherein we sampled a large selection of the tasty morsels for which Pearl Cafe is quickly becoming popular, especially among the Pleasure Island crowd.

The Pot Stickers (5 pcs.), also known as gyoza, were quickly consumed. We also had the Boiled Dumplings ($5.99), which were similar to the Pork Steamed Dumplings, except they had more moisture in their dough. The Pork Bun Sticker (4pcs - $4.50) were large, and browned on the bottom, almost toasted. That imparted a grilled flavor to the dough, which we liked. The pork ball inside was a nice blend of seasoned meat and vegetables, and the surrounding dough had a hint of sweetness.

One of the nice features of the Pearl Cafe is their large light box, located just over their beverage display, showcasing pictures of popular menu items. During my previous visit to the Pearl Cafe, I vowed that I would one day return and eat their Won Ton Chicken in Hot Pot ...

Click here for more tasty Chinese food at The Pearl Cafe.

Claret - Dai Ichi's Bay View Hideaway Offers Elegant Dining with a French Flair

Restaurant Claret offers the guest a surprisingly affordable dining experience when one considers its opulent ambience and coifed garden setting overlooking scenic Tumon Bay, along with its other amenities. Tucked away in the Guam Dai Ichi Hotel, just past Le Creole Coffee Shop, Restaurant Claret boasts attentive, even pampering, service, complemented by intriguing and flavorful food preparations. This venerable establishment has long been known for serving elegant French cuisine, complete with tableside flambé cooking and a dessert trolley. "Tropical elegance" would be an apt way of describing Claret's dining experience. Trademark orchids with candle lanterns on white table cloths with deep seat chairs and booths positions this restaurant as one that knows how to cater to tradition, defining the "fine" in dining.

Its ala carte menu has the proper French appellations for the various courses: Les Hors d'oeurves (appetizers); Les Potages (soups); Les Salades (salads); Les Poissons (fish/seafood); Le Viands (meat). Although you can select a Roast Duck with Currant Sauce ($17.50) or a Tenderloin Prime Rib with Green Peppercorn Sauce ($18.50) as individual entrees from this menu, I found it more beneficial value-wise to order a selection from the Claret Special Dinner, which had a set menu price of $30.00.

The Claret Special Dinner offers you a choice of appetizers, either Fresh Seafood with Ravigoute, or Baked Mussels with Lemon Butter Sauce; a choice of soups - Farmer's Soup (Bouillabaisse) or Cream of Mushroom Soup; a Main Course - with six entrees: Cajun Prime Rib Steak, Grilled Chicken Breast Piquante, Shrimp Fettuccine in Garlic Ru, Roast Duck Breast a l'Orange, Devilled Roast Lamb (Rack of Lamb) and Pan Fry Fish, Claret Style. The meal is completed by a choice of Today's dessert from the Pastry Cart, as well as coffee.

One of Claret's better kept secrets is their delicious French bread. Baked fresh daily (loaves of this popular bread are available for purchase by the public at 11:00 am at the pastry counter at the front of Le Creole. You better get there early, since they go fast!). Now this is just darned good bread ... the hard crunchy crust is magnificent, and the chewy, doughy interior is perfect. A basket full of slices of this marvelous bread is set at each table and it includes a few dinner rolls. Since I opted for the Fresh Seafood appetizer, I was literally "blown away" by its show-stopping presentation. It is served in a small glass dish that sits inside a larger footed glass bowl, with a mint green liquid in the bottom that has several chunks of dry ice in it ... causing "steam" to pour out of two sides of this dish almost with the force of a steaming tea kettle. It's really an eye-catching gimmick. The actual appetizer tasted pretty good ...

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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