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November 7, 2003, Volume 3 Number 45

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Travelling within Mississippi and Texas these past 6 days has been both educational and fun. In Mississippi I watched cotton baled in huge modules (as big as a 20 foot container) under tarps awaiting transport to gin mills. I visited the birthplace of Kermit the Frog in Leland, Mississippi at an exhibit of Jim Henson's Delta boyhood, and marvelled at how this man's ingenious creation of the Muppets enhanced the lives of millions around the world. The Mississippi Delta region is also the birthplace of the blues and also houses Belzoni, the catfish capital of the world. My singular Houston highlight (aside from satisfying my craving for Texas BBQ brisket and ribs) was a tour of NASA's Johnson Space Center, which features amazing displays of space technology, including the Space Shuttle, the Martian Matrix, and the International Space Station. One thing I learned was that I would not enjoy doing food reviews in outer space, since weightless conditions cause one's food to occasionally repeat. On the eve of our departure we visited the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, and basked in the sea breeze we islanders embrace. The waves beat rhythmically against the coastal beaches and breaks and follow a familiar cadence, one in tune with our Pacific spirit, calling us back to our island home.

Ken - the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Calling Uprooted Guamanians for a November Fiesta - Fremont CA Nov. 29
  • Around the Island - Long John Silver's Opens, May's Moves, Jeff's Xmas Fair
  • Thanksgiving is Coming - Check the Specials or Plan a Feast at Home
  • A Roundup of the Best Chinese Reviews of the Past Year

Calling Uprooted Guamanians for a November Fiesta - Fremont CA Nov. 29

Here's a heads up for all of the lonely Guamanians we've heard from over the past few months. There will be a big Fiesta on Saturday, November 29 from Noon until 6pm at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, California. They are inviting all to come and celebrate with others from Guam at a great home style fiesta. There will be games and prizes. For more information on this event please email Edel Alon or call him at 650-906-3985. There is also a web page with information at - an excellent site for homesick islanders and others who love Guam.

Around the Island - Long John Silver's Opens, May's Moves, Jeff's Xmas Fair

The much anticipated opening of Long John Silver's has finally happened. Sharing space with Taco Bell, Long John Silver's brings a well known player in the fast food market to Guam. We are betting this is going to be a successful "marriage" for both Taco Bell and LJS. And, we can't wait to try some hush puppies!

May's Restaurant (profiled in this week's review) will be closed Nov 6 & 7 as they make the move to their new location. May's will reopen bright and early Saturday Nov 8 at 7am in the large space adjacent to Kim Chee Store in Tamuning. This more accessible location with ample seating and parking is sure to bring new fans of May's delicious Chinese-American fare. Treat your office to a take-out lunch next week by calling 647-3188/3288 - your office mates will thank you!

For all the anxious shoppers out there, Jeff's Annual Christmas Craft Fair is specially designed for the last-minute shoppers this year. The fair will be held on Sunday, December 21st. Stay tuned for more details in the next couple of weeks.

Thanksgiving is Coming - Check the Specials or Plan a Feast at Home

Thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away and it is certainly not too early to start planning for your celebration whether it be at home or dining out at one of the many establishments featuring the traditional Turkey feast. As has become popular in recent years, Turkey-to-Go is again an outstanding choice for those who want to dine at home but don't have the time or expertise to create the meal. Check out the Specials link for dining out and feast-to-go options. More specials are being added daily so be sure to check back often. And, check out for complete Thanksgiving Dinner menus and other recipes for the brave souls who plan to create their own feast at home.

A Roundup of the Best Chinese Reviews of the Past Year

The end of 2003 is fast approaching and we'd like to take a look back at some of the reviews done over the past year with an eye to offering a brief overview of a few of the best. We've decided to approach this somewhat daunting project from a cuisine style angle so this week we take a look at Chinese restaurants. From the very elegant Toh-Ka-Lin in the Guam Hotel Okura to the everyday-style eatery of May's Restaurant, Guam offers a vast array of great choices when it comes to Chinese food. Most restaurants offer single price lunch specials but our price rating is based on the cost of an average entree. And, of course, we must add the disclaimer that these are our opinions and you are welcome to give us your feedback!

May's Restaurant*
Kim Chee Building, Tamuning

Price: Inexpensive to moderate

Value: Very Good. "Good food is one criteria for judging a restaurant, and great service is another. May's...cheerful personality, hospitality, and energy makes this restaurant experience one to remember and appreciate, over and over again."

Dish to Try: Salt & Pepper Shrimp "She dices red and green bell peppers...then sautes them with garlic and thinly-sliced red chili peppers. These vegetables smother the crisp-fried shrimp, providing a real spicy treat for your taste buds."

Avoid: Hot & Sour Soup. It lacks flavor and requires lots of soy sauce, vinegar and pepper to remedy.

*New location next to the Tamuning Kim Chee Store opens this Saturday, November 8 at 7am. Her prior location in the New Century Hotel is closed Thursday and Friday while they make the move.

Tao Yuen
East-West Center, Upper Tumon

Price: Inexpensive to Moderate

Value: Very Good. "Overall we gave this dining experience a plus. The service was good, the food was served promptly and at an appropriate pace for the number of dishes we ordered. And, the restaurant is bright and clean..."

Dish to Try: Spicy Eggplant. "The Spicy Eggplant was a hit with everyone and it was absolutely beautiful with bright purple eggplant, green bell peppers, wood ear mushroom and bamboo among other vegetables - this is an excellent choice for vegetarians and was easily selected best dish overall."

Avoid: Honey Walnut Shrimp. There are better places to get this dish.

Guam Hotel Okura, Tumon
646-8811 ext 1701-3

Price: Moderate to Expensive

Value: Very Good. "...a buffet* is a different food experience than an a la carte service...Chef Makoto Suzuki has performed a masterful task in creating a workable buffet that retains the food's life and essence."

Dish to Try: Sweet & Sour Pork and Shrimp in Chili Sauce. "The Sweet & Sour Pork was marvelous, with each vegetable retaining its crunch and the meat blended well with contrasting flavors. I also liked the Shrimp in Chili Sauce. These were meaty pieces of shrimp and the chili sauce had lots of palate-pleasing flavor."

Avoid: Chop Suey with Crispy Noodles. Noodles were chewy, not crispy.

*Tuesday & Friday Lunch Buffet

Joyful Chinese Restaurant
3rd Floor Asahi Building, Tumon

Price: Inexpensive to Moderate

Value: Excellent. "Nothing pleases me more than to recommend a great place to eat, and this is one of those restaurants that excels in many aspects considered important to diners who are looking for quality experiences."

Dish to Try: Kang Kong. "The Kang Kong that I had was not just different - it was the freshest tasting, greenest, and crispiest I've had in ages... "Unfortunately, it may not always be available, but when it is, you'll immediately taste and feel the difference in your mouth. The crisp texture and vibrant color indicates the "just picked garden freshness" of this sauteed treat."

Avoid: Nothing - it's all good!

Bon Appetit!

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