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November 14, 2003, Volume 3 Number 46

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Gazpacho! The very word 'gazpacho' conjures up sensational, refreshing, flavorful, and vibrantly nutritious images for those who love this cold fresh vegetable soup. If you want to taste an extraordinary gazpacho that will thrill your palate, you've got to get down to the Hyatt's La Mirenda Restaurant which is having a week-long Spanish Food Festival that ends November 17. I didn't realize that the tomato-filled version of gazpacho we know today is really different from the original blend, which was first created in Spain's Andalucia region in the 1600's. Tomatoes weren't indigenous to Spain and were only introduced when the New World was discovered. Thus, the first gazpacho blend was made without tomatoes, and there are still tomato-less recipes for this popular, super-healthy vegetarian dish. The colorful picture of the gazpacho "station" in La Mirenda's buffet line celebrates the vegetables used to make gazpacho, including cucumbers, onions, red & green peppers, celery, and cucumber.

This marvelous chilled soup was the right prescription to ease my conscience and craving for eating healthier meals, especially since I attended the 2003 Guam Diabetes Conference held recently at the Hyatt. If anything, this amazingly successful conference drove home the point that we need to be more aware of the types and quality of foods we eat, and that bad food choices will ultimately affect our health and well-being. The fact of the matter is that Guam has a significantly high incidence of diabetes, primarily due to generation after generation eating too much of the wrong foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes is a silent killer, with many people unaware that they may be afflicted with this debilitating disease. If you haven't done so yet, I suggest you take a quick and simple blood test to get a reading of your blood sugar level. This simple test can make the difference in the quality of your life. Be sure to get some gazpacho at the Hyatt this week, or find a recipe that will work for you!

Ken - the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Aires De Espana - Authentic Andulcian Culinary Fare at La Merienda
  • Cat in the Hat Party - For the Young (& Young at Heart!) at Planet Hollywood
  • Around the Island - A Plethora of New Places Open and Opening Soon
  • Boka Guahan! - Classes for the Every Day Cook with Chef Kevin Dietrichs
  • Nikko's Toh-Lee Sunday Brunch Limited Feature - 32 Popular Chinese Entrees
  • Cafe Restaurant Lago - New Hotel Coffee Shop Offers Ambiance and Luxury

Aires De Espana - Authentic Andulcian Culinary Fare at La Merienda

Paella, anyone? Well, you'll get more of that classic Spanish dish than you would have previously thought could be served on Guam when you see the "super-sized" paella pan holding it! The Hyatt's La Mirenda is offering local residents an opportunity to enjoy an awesome variety of Spanish cuisine during a week long promotion, which includes lunch and dinner buffets. Among the spectacular entrees you'll be tasting are Empanada de Atin (Tuna Pie), Sobrasada de Mallorca (Spanish Chorizo Pate with farmers bread), Escalope de Ternera Lechal En Crema De Albahaca (Veal Escalope with Creamy Basil Sauce), and Patatas Ali Oli (Boiled Potatoes with a Garlic Mayonnaise). The dinner buffet also has a live barbecue station that is serving seafood selections, sausages, along with beef, pork and chicken.

Two chefs, Antonio Marin Hildalgo and Jose Francisco Heredia Olmos, are visiting from the Hyatt Regency La Manga, and they have brought plenty of provisions including cured meats, cheeses, spices, and to create an irresistible spread you'll love - desserts too! Lunch ($16.50/adults half for kids 6-12) is served from 11:30am - 2pm., with dinner ($32/adults, half for kids) served from 6pm -10pm. (A 10% S.C. will be added) Considering the savings you get from not buying airline tickets, this magnificent Spanish holiday fiesta will surprise and delight you, and is well worth the investment. Ole!

Cat in the Hat Party - For the Young (& Young at Heart!) at Planet Hollywood

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss and the whimsical fancies of his books? We all either grew up with them or have read them to our children and now "The Cat in the Hat" comes to the big screen. To celebrate the movie's premiere on Guam, Planet Hollywood is throwing a special party on Saturday, November 22 starting at 9:30am. There will be games, prizes and a special reading of the story along with one of Planet Hollywood's great buffets. Included in the party price ($15 adults/$10 children 3-10 years) is a ticket to a private screening of the movie at the Micronesia Mall theater at 11am. This should be great fun for everyone! Call Planet Hollywood at 647-7827 for tickets, reservations and information.

Around the Island - A Plethora of New Places Open and Opening Soon

New places are popping up all over Guam. Here's a quick look at what has been found just recently:

Heiden Fried Chicken. A popular 160-store chain in Korea which features fried chicken has opened an outlet in the Korea Trade Center in the Harmon Industrial Park. Their phone number is 646-2988.

Big Stomach Restaurant. A Chinese fast-food eatery which just opened in Mangilao near the Mobil station. Readers have written with positive remarks about the overall food value. Call them at 734-2121.

Coffee House Monica in Tamuning is an odd one - you can eat sushi, sandwiches, and patbingsu (Korean-style dessert with shaved ice and red beans) while sipping a caramel latte mochaccino and learning how to quilt. They are at 646-9040.

All of the restaurants listed below are located in the Hotel Belvedere (LeoPalace Resort) out in the Mannengon Hills of Yona:

Cafe Restaurant Lago. Coffee Shop and restaurant serving continental cuisine. 471-0001 ext 7190. (A complete review of this restaurant is featured below.)

Iki Japanese Restaurant. Serving Japanese cuisine. 471-0001 ext 7131.

The Ten Table. A restaurant with a variety of Asian-style dishes. 471-0001 ext 7135.

Feeregalo. A fine dining restaurant featuring European and Italianl cuisine. 471-0001 ext 7180

Arco Restaurant. Outdoor dining featuring a Polynesian style BBQ. 471-0001 ext 2020/22.

Soon to open are the Taste Good Restaurant (Chinese Fast Food) in Harmon on November 17 and with an opening date to be announced shortly is the Pacific Grill, in the former Tina Marie's Tumon location next to Flowers By Tand, with a menu featuring steak, seafood, and pasta!

Stay tuned for more food news as the weeks go by!

Boka Guahan! - Classes for the Every Day Cook with Chef Kevin Dietrichs

As of press time, Chef Kevin Dietrichs will be offering a series of fun and informative cooking classes for both novice and experienced home cooks on the first and third Sunday of every month, from 6pm - 8pm. The first class, "Salmon - The First of Many", is scheduled to start on November 23. Among some of the classes will be "New Year's Day Breakfast/Sunrise on the Beach" (Dec 21), "Lasagne - Too Many Choices" (Jan 18), "My Favorite Reef Fish" (Feb 15), and "Sauces & Their Secrets" (Feb 29). Complete class menus and descriptions are available by calling Chef Kevin at 688-4462 Wednesday to Friday from 12 Noon until 5pm or send an email to Classes will be conducted at Da Ranch in Harmon. Come explore and discover the joy of'll have "heaps of fun!"

Nikko's Toh-Lee Special Sunday Brunch - Featuring 32 Popular Chinese Entrees

In celebration of the spirit of Thanksgiving, Chef Ryoichi Kanai of the Toh-Lee has designed a new Sunday Brunch showcasing the restaurant's most popular Chinese dishes. The buffet includes a total of 32 dishes, with entree specialties like Peking Duck and Steamed Scallops with Garlic Flavor. A variety of Dim Sum will also be featured. The brunch also comes complete with soft drinks, champagne, domestic beer, and Chinese tea.

The Toh-Lee Sunday Brunch is for a limited time only on November 9, 16 and 23, from 11am to 2pm. $28/adults and $15/children 4 to 12 years plus 10% service charge. For reservations, please call Hotel Nikko Guam at 649-8815 ext 7504/5.

Cafe Restaurant Lago - New Hotel Coffee Shop Offers Ambiance and Luxury

You've probably heard the old saying about how the journey can be a more satisfying experience than arriving at the destination. This review follows in similar fashion, with everything about this restaurant's location, ambiance, esthetics and facilities being a nearly five-star experience but the actual food itself was rather plain by comparison. The Cafe Restaurant Lago is located in the brand new Hotel Belvedere, at the Leo Palace Resort. I don't recall ever being more impressed by the journey to reach a restaurant - it is truly amazing in the quality and luxury of the entire complex including and surrounding this coffee shop. I've heard that designers and contractors were brought in from Singapore to work on the Hotel Belvedere's construction...truly you have to see this place to believe it. It's really that impressive, leaving one with the idea that you've actually traveled to a place like Singapore that shares a similar standard of quality.

The Cafe Restaurant Lago is on the ground floor which you reach it by going down an elegant stairway and navigating wide corridor past the Amika Lounge Bar and the Boutique Les Atours. Signs will direct you on your journey, but I must say you will be looking around open-mouthed at the inspired design elements and the high-ceilinged, nearly palatial architecture of this facility. Lago is adjacent to the bowling alley - although the word "alley" is generic as this place is far from an alley. It looks like a private underground bowling complex built by billionaire Bill Gates. We arrived for a late lunch and were seated in luxurious chairs that were designed for the fashion crowd, meaning that if you are broad-hipped or bigger than the average Asian or Western model (as are a lot of us), you would be well advised to sit in one of the less-restrictive booth seats. The bowling lanes are visible through the ornate, wood-paneled glass windows separating the dining room from the alley.

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