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November 25, 2003, Volume 3 Number 48

"Thanks For Giving Us Another Day to Appreciate"! There's so much for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Most of Guam's residents are extremely grateful for Typhoon Lupit's passing well south of us, while others are glad to be able to enjoy a day of festive dining with their family and loved ones. While Americans enjoy holidays throughout the year, none compare to Thanksgiving when it comes to celebrating the food that sustains and nourishes us. We celebrate abundance, as that is a measure of our nation's success. Though there are many citizens who are living in dire economic circumstances, most will still have access to enjoying the Thanksgiving Day basics (Roast Turkey & Stuffing) freely served by charitable organizations like the Salvation Army. This is just one of the ways we demonstrate our willingness to share with our fellow man.

My earliest memories of Thanksgiving images include the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, who worked hard to develop and cultivate fields in the surrounding wilderness of the new territory. Their Thanksgiving Day was celebrated with Native Americans (we called them Indians in those days). The Indians introduced corn to the pale-faced, heavily-attired newcomers, and all gathered around to enjoy a cornucopia or "horn of plenty" of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, bread, and meats including fish, venison, squirrel, pheasant, duck, and, yes, turkey. Fast forward to our present day "America in the Pacific" Thanksgiving spread, and you can add things like kelaguen, red rice, sashimi, lumpia, kimchee, tempura, poki, curry, shumai, and Portuguese stuffing to the traditional turkey, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, corn bread stuffing, honey-glazed ham, candied yams, hot rolls, and pumpkin pie! I find it remarkable that I'll be eating my Thanksgiving Day feast with chopsticks, which were commonly used in Asia when the Pilgrims and Indians were breaking bread and eating mostly with their hands (kamayan-style)! May you and your loved ones enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving Day, with a special thanks and prayers for our military forces defending freedom throughout the world.

Ken - the "Guam Food Guy"

We here at want to give our thanks for your loyal support of Our goal was to provide the people of Guam with a resource for all things food-related and we now welcome visitors from around the world to the site but our dedication to being "Guam's Most Appetizing Website" remains the same. Thank you again for your visits, feedback and interest. We wish each and everyone of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Note: This week's newsletter format has been modified due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Our regular format will return next week.

  • Nothing But Thanksgiving Specials - From May's to Prego and More
  • Quick Recipe Ideas - Cranberry Sauce, Wild Rice Pilaf, Creamy Brussel Sprouts
  • Wine Recommendations for Your Feast - Open a Bottle of Everything!
  • Annual Japan Festival - Ypao Beach, Nov. 29 3pm-10pm
  • 2003 World Aids Day Events - From Healing Service to Remembrance

Nothing But Thanksgiving Specials - From May's to Prego and More

The restaurants of Guam are overflowing with Thanksgiving Specials. Here, in one easy place is a list of some great possibilities (if you haven't yet decided!). They range for the traditional to the different but there is something sure to please everyone. Click on the links to see menus and details or visit and click on the "Thanksgiving Specials" link on the front page.

May's Restaurant is offering special take-out trays perfect for Thanksgiving Day parties, available in $30 and $60 sizes. Call 647-3188 for a listing of your favorite menu items that will be freshly prepared to feed groups of all sizes.

Sunflower Coffee Shop in the Guam Hotel Okura offers both a Lunch and a Dinner Buffet for Thanksgiving which will include traditional dishes as well as Chinese specialties prepared at Toh-Ka-Lin. 646-8851.

King's Restaurants (both locations) are offering a great Thanksgiving meal from 11m on Thanksgiving Day with your choice of Turkey or Roast Ham plus all the sides for $10.95 adults, $6.95 children 10 & under. Tamuning 646-5930, Harmon 637-1700.

Planet Hollywood may still have some Feast-to-Go Turkeys and Hams available. Call them at 647-7827 to check on getting a fabulous feast without the hassle of cooking and clean up.

Le Creole in the Guam Dai Ichi Hotel offers a first-come-first-served complete lunch buffet featuring Roast Turkey and Roast Beef along with various Japanese Stations. Call 646-5581 for information.

Nana's Cafe on Tumon Beach has a Japanese inspired Thanksgiving Buffet. Chef Kishimoto offers some uniquely delicious dishes for your enjoyment. 646-7823 ext 232.

Palace Chinese in the Guam Plaza Hotel is famous for it's freshly prepared Chinese delights and this Thanksgiving they add Chinese-style Turkey to the lineup. It is sure to be tasty. 646-7803.

Blue Marlin in the Guam Plaza Hotel is one of Guam's best-kept secrets for holiday buffets at great prices featuring good food. 646-7803.

The Palm Garden is a quiet oasis in the Palace Hotel Guam offering a relaxed yet elegant setting. Their special Thanksgiving Lunch is a great choice for the family with everyone sure to find something they enjoy. 646-2930-41.

Yuan San Chinese Seafood Restaurant is noted for their seafood specialties so their Thanksgiving Day Lunch & Dinner buffets are sure to feature plenty of fabulous seafood choices. 647-0630-8.

It is not too late to order the Turkey-to-Go Meal from Le Tasi Bistro, you have until 6pm tonight to get your order in at 472-7877. Or, make a reservation for their special Thanksgiving Dinner menu of traditional favorites with Chef Bertrand's unique flair.

Chef Eddie at Roy's in the Hilton Guam has prepared a special Thanksgiving Dinner menu which will be served on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day. Reservations are essential - 646-DINE(3463).

For a different taste, Genji@Roy's will have a special Thanksgiving Day Lunch Buffet featuring your Japanese favorites for which Genji is famous. 646-DINE(3463).

One of the most popular choices for holiday buffets is the Islander Terrace in the Hilton Guam. Once again they will offer both lunch and dinner buffets featuring a complete Thanksgiving feast for all. Reservations may be hard to get so call to see if there is still space available at 646-DINE(3463).

Cafe Kalachucha in the Westin Resort Guam is famous for their lavish buffets and you can be sure that their Thanksgiving Day offering will maintain their standards of excellence. There are two seating times available. Call 647-0915/6 for reservations and information.

Do you crave Italian food regardless of the holiday? Prego in the Westin Resort Guam is most noted for it's excellent Antipasto Buffet and this Thanksgiving they are offering this plus wonderful pasta choices and more. Call 647-0915/6 for reservations and information.

Quick Recipe Ideas - Cranberry Sauce, Wild Rice Pilaf, Creamy Brussel Sprouts

While it is a bit late to rethink your entire Thanksgiving menu if you are cooking at home, here are some easy and quick recipes that will add a special touch to your holiday meal. Of course, if you are feeling ambitious, we suggest the Pumpkin Cheesecake with Sour Cream-Pecan Topping!

Don't settle for the cranberry stuff that comes in a can. Making your own cranberry sauce is incredibly easy and really tasty as well. Check out a recipe for Orange-Cranberry Sauce submitted by a visitor and tested in our kitchens as well. Yummy!

For an exotic yet easy side dish, try Chef Singh's Wild Rice & Toasted Pecans Pilaf. The nutty flavors of the wild rice are enhanced by the onions and pecans while the yellow peppers add a nice touch of color to the dish. Also tested and recommended.

Have you never been happy with brussel sprouts? Try Chef Berdux's Creamy Brussel Sprouts recipe and you will have an all new outlook on this vegetable. They are a perfect compliment to a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

If you're looking for a new way to enjoy pumpkin, check out David Martin's Yap Islands Pumpkin Pie Muffins. These delightfully moist and tender muffins would make any Thanksgiving morning special. We like them better than most pumpkin pies we've had!

And, last but certainly not least, here's a fabulous recipe to help use up that leftover turkey. Lisa Torres submitted this one last year. It is easy, tastes amazing and everyone will enjoy it so make Lisa's Green Chile Turkey Casserole with your leftover turkey. Don't be surprised if you get requests for this dish throughout the year - not just at Thanksgiving.

Wine Recommendations for Your Feast - Open a Bottle of Everything!

We certainly don't pretend to be wine experts so we wouldn't presume to offer our personal opinions on the burning question of what to serve with the Thanksgiving meal. We do, fortunately, have access to some great articles written by more knowledgeable folks and we are happy to recommend an article by noted wine writer Dave McIntyre. While many of the wines he discusses aren't available on Guam, his general philosophy of open one of everything and if you must favor something choose something with bubbles, seems reasonable to us. Cheers and a Happy Thanksgiving toast to all!

Annual Japan Festival - Ypao Beach, Saturday, November 29 3pm-10pm

This annual event is one of Guam's best cultural festivals and showcases Japanese food, entertainment, and traditions in a fun and exciting way that everyone can enjoy. There are opportunities to participate in song and dance performances, and without a doubt the largest spread of Japanese cuisine you'll see at any local event. Since that part of San Vitores is under a lot of construction, free trolley rides are available to all residents who want to attend this event, with pick-up and return service at GPO, K-Mart, and all along the serviced routes (red and blue trolleys).

2003 World AIDS Day Events - From Healing Service to Remembrance

Sunday, November 30, 6pm at the New Covenant Life Church in Tamuning there will be a Special Praise, Worship and Healing Service - "A Celebration of Life". All are invited, especially those who have HIV/AIDS, their families and friends. Through Faith, the battle against AIDS will be won.

And, on World AIDS Day, December 1, at 5pm at the Guam Premier Outlets there will be a special remembrance of all those who have died from AIDS and to promote awareness and prevention. It is also a day to show support and encouragement to those who are still living with HIV/AIDS, their families and their care givers. There will be testimonies from those living with AIDS, as well. Local entertainers will perform a candlelight theme, "Be Pure, Live and Let Live" through music and interpretive dance. There will be a quilt display as well as a Christmas Tree Lighting by Guam's school children and First Lady, Joann Camacho. Everyone is invited.

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