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Guam Diner Newsletter, September 21, 2001, Volume 1, Number 13

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

"Courage is as often the outcome of despair as of hope; in the one case we have nothing to lose, in the other, everything to gain." --Diane De Pottiers

I thought this quote would be a good way to begin today's newsletter, because I feel it addresses the economic crisis affecting our island today. Faced with a list of uncertainties about our future, security, and economic survival, we must be courageous in our efforts to rebuild the confidence in our island as a safe destination for our visitors, as well as a great place to live for our residents. In the near future, our island's government and business leaders will be mapping out and promoting strategies to meeting the challenges facing Guam. This will require a considerable amount of planning, organizing and executing, and will no doubt put an even greater strain on our limited resources. We will all be called on to play a role in this effort, which I believe will be successful if we are united.

In the meantime, there's something we can do to demonstrate our confidence, and that is to do as President Bush has ordered the Nation - to "Go to Work!" The hospitality industry is certainly one of the most directly affected by the decrease in visitor numbers, and many restaurants (both in and out of hotels) are close to empty. It will require some creativity and flexibility on their parts to stay "afloat." Now is the time for them to cater to the local resident market for business. To make up for the visitor decline, perhaps restaurants should offer incentives and price reductions to local consumers to increase their traffic. People will still continue to go out to eat and drink, however, they will favor those establishments offering rewards and incentives.

Hard times will impact residents both financially and emotionally, so it is important that operators consider this when planning their campaigns to attract local residents. Our experience from the results at shows that people are most attracted to "Lunch and Dinner Specials" that offer value menus, discounts, or coupons for free food. At the same time, consumers need to be cognizant of the challenges faced by restaurant operators ... that there may be shortages of menu items or ingredients ... that service staff may be reduced ... that operating hours may be reduced. To succeed in these difficult times, we need to work together, both as customers and service providers. Let's all put on our thinking caps to find creative solutions that will keep our restaurants open and our economy moving.

May God bless America and may God bless Guam.

In Today's Issue
  • Aotearoa - "The Land of the Long White Cloud" - New Zealand Wine Dinner, Saturday, September 22nd, 7:00 pm at Old Hagatna Grill
  • Guam Diner and Stanlee's - Enter to Wine!
  • "Bomba" - New Energy Beverage "Explodes" on Guam
  • Cooking in Paradise Features Chef Haji Flores - Weeknights at 7:30
  • Aji Ichi Sapporo Ramen - More than Just a House of Noodles
  • Family Violence Awareness Month - September Activities for October
  • Simply Food - Satisfying Appetites with Meatless Fare

Aotearoa - "The Land of the Long White Cloud" - New Zealand Wine Dinner, Saturday, September 22nd, 7:00 pm at Old Hagatna Grill

One of Hagatna's favorite eateries is taking diners on a culinary journey to New Zealand this weekend. Among the exotic fare to be served is Cherry smoked King Salmon Terrine, Spring Lamb Medallions atop a Petit Salad of Baby Greens with a Passionfruit Mint Sauce, and Tehraki Fish with a Mornay Sauce. A selection of New Zealand wines will be featured. For more information, click here.

Guam Diner and Stanlee's - Enter and Wine!

Enter and wine (oops!) we mean win a gift certificate from Stanlee's Deli & Liquor Store! Stanlee's has Guam's most complete selection of wines, spirits, beers and fine food products from around the world but especially from our friends in the Land Down Under.

Stanlee's and will be giving away a total of 5 gift certificates. The Grand Prize is a $50 gift certificate and there are four 2nd place prizes of $25 gift certificates. From Thursday September 20 through noon Monday October 22 you can enter once a day on-line and you can also enter at Stanlee's by filling out the entry forms available there from 9am to midnight daily. Winners will be notified via e-mail and telephone no later than Wednesday October 24 and will also be announced in the weekly edition of the Guam Food Guy Newsletter. You must be 18 or older to enter and a resident of Guam.

Click here to enter on-line now.

"Bomba" - New Energy Beverage "Explodes" on Guam

Another formidable Austrian challenger has entered the "energy" drink war, and it comes in a glass bottle shaped like a hand grenade, complete with a pull off lid pin. Bomba comes in four flavors: Gold energy is a champagne blast; Blue energy has a mint raspberry taste; Red energy has an "orange fire" taste, and contains orange juice concentrate;and Black energy has a currant flavor, like a deep, unsweetened grape juice. Bomba contains taurine, caffeine, guarana, and vitamins. Bomba is pasteurized, and is believed to enhance one's metabolism, increase energy, and improve circulation. Bomba is best serve chilled, and can be conjured into a stimulating cocktail. These new drinks are available at DFS, ABC Stores, the Cigar Divan, Casa Nami, and a few other locations. For more information, call Diamond Ko at 472-5886. Toss down a Bomba ... it will blow you away!

Cooking in Paradise Features Chef Haji Flores - Weeknights at 7:30

Be sure to watch "Cooking in Paradise", a nightly half-hour locally-produced television program (on MCV Channel 7) featuring various chefs from the Micronesia Chef's Association. This week you can watch Executive Chef Haji Flores from the Guam Plaza Hotel prepare a seafood salad, followed by a pan-seared Filet Mignon with vegetables and a delicious sauce, and finished with his signature "Coco Van Jack" dessert, using ice cream and jack fruit. This program is a MediaVision Production. Stay tuned.

Aji Ichi Sapporo Ramen - More than Just a House of Noodles

There's more than good noodles at Aji Ichi Sapporo Ramen in upper Tumon, located directly across the street from Nissan. That's what I was able to discover first hand when we had dinner there recently. My colleague, Gail, strongly recommended that I try the Pork Ginger Set ($8.75), one of several Set Menu offerings at Aji Ichi. When the plate arrived, I was almost sorry we'd ordered appetizers, since it was a large meal, complete with corn, miso soup, sauteed bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, a big bowl of rice, and a pile of marvelously aromatic pork cooked with onions and ginger. The tender pork was sliced to deliver the full flavor of its unique blend of seasonings in which it had been cooked. You can always tell when food is exceptional when the very last bite is as good as the first. I probably would have ordered seconds had there not been another entree on our table.

I was joined by Carol for this exploratory dinner (it was her first time at Aji Ichi, and my first time at this location). I had eaten lunch several times at its former location in Tumon a few years back (in my BFG "Before Food Guy" days), and recalled that the ramen was always a favorite. Tonight, we started our meal with a California Roll ($3.75) order, followed by a Futomaki (eel) Sushi Roll ($3.75). These were acceptable, though nothing to rave about. My preferred Futomaki experience was at the Reef's Sango Restaurant.

Along with the Pork Ginger Set, we ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Set ($8.75). This was another surprise ...

Click here for more than just noodles at Aji Ichi.

Family Violence Awareness Month - September Activities for October

October is recognized as Family Violence Awareness Month, which is a time for all of us to focus on victims of family violence. There will be a Proclamation Signing on September 28 and an editorial in the PDN's Sunday paper. There will be an Island-wide Mass on Sunday, as well as a Candle Light Village Walk in Talofofo at 6:00 p.m. that evening. For more information call Ida Payumo at 477-9811 or send email to Events for October will be posted at in the Current Events section.

Simply Food - Satisfying Appetites with Meatless Fare

Simply Food is a popular Vegetarian restaurant located in the Adventist Book & Food Center in Agana Heights, just south and across the street from Government House. Although I am an avowed carnivore, I always enjoy the opportunity to go "meatless," especially when I know I'm going to eat at Simply Food.

The meals at Simply Food are naturally low in fat and are unprocessed, assuring the customer of a fully nutritious meal. Each month, Daily Specials are featured, and their menu (which serves as a "do-it-yourself" order form) has entrees, a al carte items, and Sandwiches that you can design yourself. Although I've had sandwiches at Simply Food in my past visits, I decided to go for Monday's special, which was the Vegetable Wrap served with Vegetable Rice and Black Bean Soup.

The Simply Food menu/order form is created to make life easy for you, since all one has to do is check a box, fill in a blank, or circle selections. However, in my case, I'm usually in a hurry and miss a box or two, prompting the friendly staff to ask me for clarification! I keep promising myself to pay more attention when I order on my future visits. No worries!

My Vegetable Wrap was divine. A Spinach flour tortilla shell surrounded a bundle of fresh veggies, with a few beans and Stripples ...

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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