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January 9, 2004, Volume 4 Number 2

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

This past Wednesday I had the good fortune to attend a small farewell cocktail party for two Hilton Guam Resort & Spa managers, Markus Kraus and Tomohiko Funatsu, both of whom worked in the Food & Beverage operations of this popular local hotel. Funatsu has been on Guam for six years and with Hilton for nearly 20 years. He will be joining the Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa in Japan as their F&B Service Manager. Markus Kraus has been on Guam for 3 years and with Hilton for 13 years. Kraus will be joining the Hilton Fujairah (United Arab Emirates) as General Manager. Both have certainly "earned their stripes" during their Guam tour, which is a service hospitality experience for which no hotel school in the world could ever adequately prepare students!

The speeches that were made this night were particularly touching in that they described how people in the hospitality industry grow as they work their way up the ladder through hard work and patience, and how they gain from their interactions with their staff and with their customers. One of the main stars of the event was the island and the people of Guam - which gets the nod as one of the best management postings for all properties. I would venture to say that part of this is due to the "esprit de corps" built among team members during these challenging times for Guam's economy plus the typhoons, earthquakes, SARS, and other problems that have beset our island.

Though not specifically defined, there is something about the island lifestyle that impresses just about everyone who gets exposed to living in our close knit community. We should be very pleased that hotel managers and trainees leave our island with deep impressions and affections, as they now become "ambassadors" for Guam at their next and future postings. We wish every success and much happpiness to Funatsu-san and Markus, as well as to their families, in the months and years to come! Bon Voyage!

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • 2003 Executive of the Year Gala -- January 10, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
  • Chinese New Year Festival - January 17, Micronesia Mall Expo Hall 4pm-9pm
  • University of Phoenix International Admissions Handled by Former Resident
  • Around the Island - Lee Garden's Salt & Pepper Crab, Mulligan Cafe, Winchell's
  • Calvi House - Traditional Korean and Asian Tastes Blend in Unique Creations

2003 Executive of the Year Gala - January 10, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa

Several nominees will be honored and a winner will be selected at this year's 2003 Executive of the Year Gala. The black tie affair will be held this Saturday at 6pm in the Hilton's Marianas Ballroom, with proceeds from the silent auction and ticket sales benefitting the Guam Chapter of the American Red Cross. Contact Chita Blaise at the American Red Cross to purchase your tickets ($100 donation) at 472-6217. This year's theme is "Biba Las Vegas" and will feature the antics and special humor of Alberto "Tony" C. Lamorena V, Ray Gibson of Power98 and K57 Big Show host, Travis Coffman. It promises to be a truly entertaining evening! Good luck to all the nominees.

Chinese New Year Festival - January 17, Micronesia Mall Expo Hall 4pm-9pm

The United Chinese Association of Guam will be holding its annual Chinese New Year Festival in the Micronesia Mall's Expo Hall. This exciting event is open to the public, and will include Home Cooking for the New Year, Traditional Chinese New Year Games, Souvenir Sales, Cultural Craft Displays, Culture Shows, Chinese Lucky Money Table, Chinese Massage, and Fortune Telling. Also planned for this event is a food-eating contest, the details about which are to be announced. Attendees need to buy coupons for the various activities and these can be purchased at the door as well as at AAA Cellular, Asahi Duty Free Shop, HafaTEL Kiosks, Huang's Cake Shops, National Office Supply, L & E Enterprise, and Sunny Wholesale Outlets. Bring the family to this unique cultural festival - a good time is guaranteed for all. For more information, call 477-9279.

University of Phoenix International Admissions Handled by Former Resident

Former local resident and Food Guy friend, Frank Lizama, is now working with the University of Phoenix Online handling International admissions. You can earn your degree via the Internet by enrolling in the University of Phoenix Online. For more information you can check out the various program options at their website or contact Frank via email at, or call him at (800) 366-9699 ext 5427

Around the Island - Lee Garden's Salt & Pepper Crab, Mulligan Cafe, Winchell's

Lee Garden in Dededo is a local haven for good Chinese and frequently brings something new to their menu offerings. Their most recent addition is Salt & Pepper Live Crab ($15). Lee Garden's popular $5 lunch specials include Roast Duck, Beef with Ginger & Onion, Mapo Tofu, Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts, and more. Their Salt & Pepper Shrimp lunch special offers 12 pieces for $5.50! Call 633-8632 for take-out orders 7 days a week.

Mulligan Cafe is probably one of Guam's best kept secrets. Located in the Tumon Golf Driving Range, the all-you-can-eat salad bar serves some "bodacious" poki and chicken kelaguen along with other fresh salad ingredients. This salad bar is part of Mulligan's Daily Lunch Specials, which include Teriyaki Chicken, Chopped Steak, Mahi Mahi, Pork Chops, and Ginger Pork. Mulligan's is also offering full and half size pans of delicious entrees for catering parties and functions. Call 646-8342 for more information about their wide selection of local favorites.

Something new has come to Winchell's and it's not a donut! The "Chilla" is a new flavored, hand-made iced beverage that is available in Mocha, Caramel, Orange and Pina-Colada. They are selling for $2.99 and are rumored to be deee-licious! We'll give them a test run in the very near future and let you know!

Calvi House - Traditional Korean and Asian Tastes Blend in Unique Creations

Calvi House, located on the Lobby Level of Tumon's Royal Orchid Hotel next to Capricciosa, is not at all what you'd expect from a Korean restaurant. From the outside, Calvi House appears to be a high-end clothing boutique or private lounge. However, upon entering Calvi House you can immediately tell it is a restaurant since each table has a built-in grill for at-table grilling. Calvi House is not your traditional Korean restaurant in appearance nor taste. It's sleek, avant-garde interior has no Korean artwork or hanging ornaments. The imported tables and furniture are high quality, with a special flooring made with ridged striations matching the textured table's surface - very classy. Calvi House has the distinction of being Guam's only Korean restaurant located in a hotel and the cuisine style is adapted to meet Asian (more specifically Japanese) tastes by the use of dipping sauces and seasonings. Nonetheless, the profusion of fresh vegetables, meat, and seafood, as well as unique marinades combining sesame oil, ginger root, green onions, garlic, soy sauce, cooking wine and sugar, deliver all that you expect in a Korean dining experience, with just a slight variation.

Calvi House's all day menu (served 11:30am-10pm daily) offers a quality selection of popular Korean favorites such as Yangnyeom Calvi (marinated beef ribs $16); Saeng Calvi (beef ribs $18); Japchae (pan-fried clear noodles with beef and vegetables); Gamjajeon (potato pancakes $12); Saeng Deungshim (grilled sirloin $20); Yukhoe (seasoned raw beef $20); Dolsot Bibimbap (rice with vegetables and beef in a hot stone pot$15); Bulgogi (marinated beef $14); Mool Naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles $12); Kimchi Jige (Kimchi Stew $12); Maewoontang (fish stew in a hot pepper sauce$28); and other seafood dishes that can be steamed or grilled. A 10% service charge is added to your meal. A full range of beverage service is available, too.

Although there is a preponderance of beef dishes at Calvi House, seafood and vegetarian options are available. Beef lovers, however, will enjoy the variety of beef choices and treatments served here, "mad-cow" concerns notwithstanding. Joining me for dinner were two colleagues, David and Tom, which started out with a small, well-dressed (a special Calvi House dressing) salad, followed by Yukhoe, the traditional seasoned raw beef with raw egg on top - similar in concept to Steak Tartare or the popular Italian dish Carpaccio. Believe me, many people would have issues with this dish, however, for those familiar with this specialty, you will not be disappointed - it was excellent! Korean pear apple slivers are mixed in with this cool, palate-pleasing meat dish that is eaten with the same relish and ease of eating sashimi, the difference being the seasoning blends. While we savored our Yukhoe, our Grilled Sirloin Steak was cooking on the gas-fired, vented grill. Once done, it was sliced into small, bite-size pieces that we could dip into two sauces. One had coarse salt, sesame oil and spices that really enhanced the flavor of the meat.

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