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January 16, 2004, Volume 4 Number 3

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

I'm moving! No, not leaving the island, just Dededo, for a cozy little place in Tamuning that has a wonderful view of Agana Bay and the verdant hills beyond. It's closer to work and I'll be able to walk to Cost-U-Less and the Guam Premier Outlets. The moving part is tough...real tough, and even though I did the 5K Red Cross Run this past Saturday, I'm still far from being in the ideal shape for the physical ordeal I'm undergoing. I can tell you that it is a great way to burn carbs...especially having to haul my belongings. One really gets a clear and definite picture of the accumulation of "things & stuff"! If there is one thing I wish I was less of it would be a "pack-rat"! This must come from some erroneous early childhood belief that everything printed was valuable...well, that's just not the case. Some of the best advice I received from a close friend was to make myself a "scrapbook" of the most important and significant things of my life. This would help to reduce the clutter...kind of like keeping the cover of a magazine vs. the contents. I did start on this project a while ago and realized that I need a really big scrapbook. It's a marvel to look at, though, it's kind of like a 'life resume". If you've not started on doing a life scrapbook chronicling your history and listing important milestones, events, awards, achievements, and appreciation letters, then you should give it some thought and action. If your life story was compiled in a binder, would it be interesting reading? Mine amazes me, and gives me inspiration and positive reinforcement during times when I feel challenged by difficulties. My collection of food shots taken during my many reviews is something you've gotta see! I should caution you should not look at my food photos on an empty stomach as you would be consumed by hunger! Think about your life's a legacy for your family and posterity to learn about and appreciate your contributions and achievements.

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

Premium Dining Club Card Pays Its Way In Savings

The Premium Dining Club Card sure came in handy a couple of nights during our holiday season. It made the taste of Lone Star Steakhouse's Signature Cajun Ribeye even more palatable when we realized our other entree, the BBQ Ribs & Chicken Combo was free! Even appetizers seem more affordable when you know you are saving money on your entree. The Friday Night Seafood Buffet at the Holiday Inn's La Brasserie Restaurant was certainly more affordable and kind of like a post-Christmas present since money was saved again. The Premium Dining Club Card is one of the first things we look at for quality dining at "bargain" prices. There's something gratifying about getting a bill, giving your card, and getting back a lesser bill to settle. As I've said before, this card "pays its way in savings!"

Around the Island - Manhattan, Truong's, Valentine's Day Nears

Chef Jeff Hill from the Sandcastle and the fabulous Thursday Night Happy Hour at Manhattan, tempts one and all with this week's "Caribbean Splash" menu. With the purchase of 2 beverages, you can indulge to your heart's content from the abundant spread of Caribbean inspired dishes - we're going for the desserts - Sweet Potato Flan and Coconut Mango Bread Pudding With Caramel Rum Sauce, yummmm.

Truong's Vietnamese Restaurant in Upper Tumon's East-West Business Center is growing in popularity, and has become a new choice for an after church meal on Sundays. The Beef Salad, Shrimp Kelaguen, Pho Beef Soup with Noodles, and Lemongrass Chicken entrees we had recently were marvelous creations that we savored to the last drop of spicy sauce.

First to the Valentine's Day festivities this year is UnderWater World and Sam Choy's with their fabulous "Tunnel of Love" evening planned for Saturday, February 14 at 6:30pm. This is an all inclusive evening with wine, flowers, gifts, a four-course meal from Chef Peter Duenas featuring Steak & Lobster and, best of all, their divers will swim up to your table with a personalized love message from you to your beloved! This special evening is by reservation only so please call 649-9191 ext 401 to reserve your table. Look for more Valentine's Day Specials at over the next few weeks. Welcomes Pepe LaFlamme - New Health & Nutrition Contributor

We are delighted to have Pepe LaFlamme, one of Guam's most popular health and fitness experts (due to the results happy clients achieve!), join us as a regular contributor to the Health & Nutrition section of Pepe is the director of Nu-Form Fitness & Wellness and he will address topics focusing on all aspects of physical well being. This week's article is "Eat More & Lose Weight" which sounds exactly like what we want to hear! We already have in our recipe area a number of recipes contributed by Pepe and we will be adding more as the weeks go by. You can email Pepe or call him at 646-3676.

Planet Hollywood - Stellar Dining Featured in New Menu

If you've not been to Planet Hollywood since the start of their new menu a few months ago, then you should do as we did and skedaddle over to this Tumon landmark and see what's cooking! Not only are there new items to their menu, but they have brought back (by popular demand) some of their early favorites, like the L.A. Lasagna ($14.95), Char Shu Ramen ($11.95), Chamorro Pork Chops ($18.95), and Fiesta Mahi-Mahi, to name a few.

For appetizers, we were considering the new Spinach Dip ($6.95) and the Pot Stickers (also new, $7.95), and the Chicken Crunch ($7.95). However, we figured we'd get most of what we wanted and more by getting the Planet Hollywood Sampler ($15.95). This sampler is really amazing - even the plate stands out with its Planet Hollywood identity imagery - a great way to promote the brand. The platter has Chicken Crunch, moist, white breast meat pieces coated with CAP'N CRUNCH (yes, the popular dry cereal!) and served with a zesty Creole mustard sauce; Hollywood Nachos which are tasty mini-tortillas topped by grilled chicken, sauteed onions, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, a barbecue sauce with sour cream and fresh guacamole, along with pico de gallo which had a wonderful fresh cilantro flavor; Buffalo Wings, bigger than usual and the Bleu Cheese dressing is perfect - if you want them hotter, ask your friendly server for more Tabasco; and, finally, the Pot Stickers, which are pan-seared dumplings served with a creamy ginger soy sauce. The dipping sauces really enhance and complement each appetizer, so they were a good match, especially the Creole mustard sauce, which had to really work to counter the unusual sweetness of the CAP'N CRUNCH.

Since we were using our Premium Dining Club card, we decided we could splurge a little (what a great way to save money and indulge your fancy at the same time!) by ordering a Ribs & Chicken Combo ($20.95), a half rack of meaty and tender hickory-smoked St. Louis style ribs with a sweet, tangy bbq sauce, along with a quarter of a rather large Tequila lime chicken. This dynamic duo is accompanied by seasonal vegetables, which happened to be crisp, crunchy broccoli, and a huge pile of garlic mashed potatoes - made from scratch with real potatoes!

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Bon appetit!

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