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Guam Diner Newsletter, September 28, 2001, Volume 1, Number 14

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Eating food is essential to sustaining life. Through good times and difficult times, one thing remains constant - people need to eat, whether it's steak & lobster or a TV dinner, whether it's at home or dining out. Food, and its consumption, is an absolute necessity. However, "where," "what," "why," "when" and "how" people eat are questions that have as many answers as there are people making those decisions. The current economic crisis affecting Guam has caused many people to "hunker down" on spending and re-evaluate their food and entertainment choices. While this phenomena has certainly impacted many of the island's businesses, resulting in serious revenue losses, others are doing relatively well. Why? Maybe because they are providing something people are willing to pay for that they won't do without, at least not yet. Or maybe they offer exceptional service or values too good to pass up?

One such "value" opportunity was recently launched by King's Restaurants, with their "Lunch for Two" for only $9.95! Or how about Esmeralda's "American Flag Special" breakfast, from 7 am-10 am, for $3.50. Underwater World and Sam Choy's have created a "Spirit of America" campaign to collect donations for the relief efforts in New York and Washington, DC. For a limited time, admission to Underwater World has been reduced by 50%, with 15% off all food purchases at Sam Choy's. The Stanlee's Deli and Liquor Store drawing will provide the lucky winners great food and product values, and entry is free, either online at, or at his Tumon store, with no purchase necessary! Now, more so than ever, is the time to do things to stimulate and motivate people to come to their store, restaurant, or establishment. People are going to eat and drink, no matter what the state of the economy. Where, when, and what they eat and drink will be determined by who's extending the "welcome" hand, letting them know they're valued and that their patronage is appreciated.

In Today's Issue
  • Huang's Cake Shop - Mocha Cake's a Winner!
  • Remember to Enter the Drawing!
  • Sunday Breakfast Special at La Mesa's - Huevos Rancheros & More!
  • Mama Tita's New Heat N' Serve Garlic Pizza Bread
  • Josephine's Chamorro Kitchen Re-Opens - Food that's "Gof Mannge!"
  • Sol Juice Moves to GPO
  • Jin Mi Restaurant - Authentic Korean Cuisine Prepared with Pride

Huang's Cake Shop - Mocha Cake's a Winner!

When good friend Alice Chou called one day and asked if I had tried the Mocha Cake and Light Cheesecake at Huang's Cake Shop in Maite, I confessed I hadn't. Truth be known, I really have not been seeking pastry adventures, especially now that I've returned to exercising at the gym. However, Alice's insistence that I taste these confections, plus the fact that Huang's is an old friend and customer of mine (since the late 70's), helped me to overcome my dietary hesitations.

Huang's Cake Shop is just south of Gold's Gym on Route 8. The front windows display racks of cake pans and commercial dough mixers, ideal for small batch mixing. The refrigerated merchandisers contain a selection of pies, cakes and pastries, ready for purchase. The counter display case usually has packaged chocolate and butter cookies, Custard Creme, and Strawberry Jelly Rolls (these come in long plastic tubes, and can be sliced to easily serve a dozen people). The Jelly Rolls are priced at $6.50.

The Light Cheesecake is available by the slice ($2.00) or whole ($14.00). This is called "light" because there is less cheese. It still has the "thick" appearance of cheesecake, only it is fluffier, with a light texture and pleasing taste ... not too sweet. It's almost a "diet" cheesecake.

Huang's Mocha Cake is a special preparation by Mei Lei Huang, the matriarch of the family. It is sold in a rectangular plastic box for $4.95. I remember my first impression eating this pastry. The mocha flavored cake had two layers, with a mocha butter cream spread between them. It was a delicately textured cake, like a fine sponge. It was moist and airy. I had enough to share with several people, just to get some other feedback. Everyone thought it was an exceptionally good cake, not too sweet, nor too rich. Some said it was similar to Chinese/Filipino fine pastries they've had in the Philippines. It is certainly worth taking to a party or to any special occasion.

Huang's also sells a large variety of cake decorating and party supplies. Special orders for cakes can be made here, too. Huang's is renown for their elegant cake decorations, for birthdays, weddings, and special events. I recall having several cakes made for my Mom's birthdays. For special orders and more information, call Huang's Cake Shop at 472-5873.

Remember to Enter the Drawing!

The Guam Diner and Stanlee's Deli and Liquor Store giveaway is going to run until October 22nd. You can enter once a day on-line and at Stanlee's store in Tumon. Click here to enter today! Add the page to your bookmarks (or favorites for you IE users) and remember to enter every day.

Sunday Breakfast Special at La Mesa's - Huevos Rancheros & More!

La Mesa's Mexican Cuisine in Hagatna has recently launched a Sunday Breakfast Special, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, and features one of the most requested breakfast favorites - Huevos Rancheros! The menu has several set entrees from which to choose. The set entree includes fresh fruit of the day, sopapillas, and a choice of Mexican coffee, juice or Mexican cocoa. Aside from Huevos Rancheros, La Mesa's has Chorizos con Huevos, Chilaquiles, Two Eggs & an Enchilada, and Omelette Mexicana, and Steak & Eggs as entrees. A Gringo breakfast is also available. La Mesa's is closed on Mondays. Call 477-6372 for reservations and information.

Mama Tita's New Heat N' Serve Garlic Pizza Bread

I ran into the "Pizza Guy" Steve Dormer the other day and he asked me to try out his new Fresh Garlic Pizza Bread, which is pre-cooked and sold as a Heat 'n Serve item. Unlike the previous version, which had to be baked for 10 minutes, this version can conveniently pop into a toaster oven and be ready to eat in less than two! I remember smelling the garlic as it heated up! Mmmmmmm. When it was done, I topped it off with Mama Tita's rich tomato sauce ... a great marinara! One great thing about this new Pizza Bread is you don't have to wait so long to eat it! Another is you can slice off just what you want to reheat without having to cook the entire piece. Mama Tita's Bake at Home Pizza has two locations, one next to Shirley's in Mangilao, and the other is inside Pay-Less Supermarket at the Micronesia Mall. Call 734-4100 to order.

Josephine's Chamorro Kitchen Re-Opens - Food that's "Gof Mannge!"

After having been closed for some time, ecstatic customers are now returning to Josephine's Chamorro Kitchen, in the Oka Center in Tamuning, behind Oka Pay-Less Supermarket. I saw the ad in the PDN and was glad that Josephine has decided to continue serving up some of the best local cuisine available on the island. People ask me all the time where to go for the best local food, and I talk about Josephine's ... I tell them to read my review. Of course, when I stopped by on Tuesday, the place was full of customers who were delighting in the home-style cooking for which Josephine is famous. Her Shrimp Kelaguen, Kadon Pika, Kadon Manok, Chicken & Short Ribs Estufao, and local fried fish are just a few of the frequently ordered favorites. Josephine's hours have changed, and she is open Monday - Friday, 10:30 am-4:30 pm. I can't wait until I can go back to receive Josephine's special hospitality.

Sol Juice Moves to GPO

Sol Juice, famous for the fruit and vegetable juice creations, have relocated from their Fountain Plaza Tumon location to the Guam Premium Outlets. They are now in a free-standing kiosk across from Mi Casa, near the foreign exchange stand. People have been asking me where they'd moved to, and I'm glad to report they are alive and well in the GPO!

Jin Mi Restaurant - Authentic Korean Cuisine Prepared with Pride

Jin Mi Restaurant is located on Route 16, on the Dededo side of this busy thoroughfare a little north (towards the Mall) of GPA. The stand-alone white building with the dark blue trim, tinted windows and rooftop signage can be seen if you aren't driving too fast, and you'll want to be sure to get there early to get a parking spot, since it is very limited. After frequently passing this restaurant on my power walk regimen before my March 17 (2001) leg injury, I knew that this restaurant was popular with local Koreans since it was always busy. Now that I've dined there for lunch, my curiosity has been appeased, and I can confidently list Jin Mi Restaurant as one of my top choices for good, authentic Korean food.

It didn't take much to decide on Jin Mi ... I just asked my Korean friend and occasional dining companion, Renee, for her opinion on which Korean restaurant she'd like to go to for lunch. Jin Mi's owner, Mrs. Jung Soon Kim, has operated this popular restaurant for many years. She does all of her shopping for the ingredients every day, before opening, to assure freshness.

Jin Mi features the standard traditional fare of Galbi (beef rib ,$16.00) , Bul Go Gi ($15.00), Jop Chae ($13.00), several table-top grill entrees, and well over a dozen specialty soups. The easy to read menu has large color photographs identifying every main dish with descriptions listing their ingredients. We decided that today I would try some new items I'd not yet eaten ... after all, I must keep on broadening my "food guy" repertoire, especially for the exotic!

One of Renee's favorite dishes is Gae Jang, which is fresh raw crab seasoned with ground red pepper and mixed with vegetables ($16.00). This was definitely something I've never had before! We also ordered Soon Tofu Soup ($10.00), which is slightly spicy, with crushed tofu, baby shrimp, clams, and some vegetables in a beef broth. To round out our order ...

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