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April 16, 2004, Volume 4 Number 16

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

By the time this newsletter reaches most of your mailboxes I will be on my way to exotic Bali on a Media Trip sponsored by Continental Airlines in celebration of its fifteen years of service to Denpasar, Indonesia. It doesn't seem possible that it's been fifteen years since the first flight from Guam to Denpasar lifted off. During the intervening years, many of us have delighted in the shopping, food and exotic sights of this one-of-a-kind destination.

The trip has a full schedule of activities planned for our traveling media contingent, with visits to popular cultural and tourism sites. I'm really looking forward to the Bumbu Bali Cooking School visit, which will allow us an opportunity to delve into the heart of Balinese cuisine. Balinese food is known for its spicy ingredients, so I'm sure we'll enjoy Balinese Satay, Nasi Goreng, and Babi Guling (Balinese Roasted Pig). Of course there will be a cornucopia of fresh tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood!

The Sobek Cycling Adventure will provide some much-needed physical activity, and fortunately the bicycle ride will be downhill! The group will be exposed to a variety of Bali's extraordinary attractions and amenities so that we will be able to share our experiences via the media we represent. We are very fortunate to live so close to this magical destination that's only 5 hours flying time from Guam, and certainly are grateful for Continental's organizing this wonderful tour. We will present a series of Bali adventures in upcoming newsletters. Stay tuned!

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Jazz Month Kicks Off - Jazz, Jazz and More Jazz All Month Long
  • PHARE 2004 April 15 to 17 - Hyatt Regency Guam
  • Around the Island - Jan Z Special, Jin Mi's 13th Year, Outback's New Cake
  • Don't Forget! Guam Girl Scouts Annual Auction & Wine Tasting April 23
  • Musings on Burgers - A Look at Guam's Great Burgers and Where to Get Them

Jazz Month Kicks Off - Jazz, Jazz and More Jazz All Month Long

April is Jazz Appreciation Month and Guam has a long and interesting history of jazz musicians and jazz lovers. During April, the Guam Humanities Council, the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency and many local business are participating in events designed to increase local awareness of jazz, a truly original American art form. Best of all, Guam is currently home to many very talented jazz musicians and there are numerous opportunities to hear them play in the next few weeks. Here are a few of the highlights and we will feature more events in next week's newsletter as well.

Thursdays April 15, 22, 29 CALIENTE
Hot and steamy Latin jazz performed by Larry Laguana (bass), Mark Sablan (alto sax), Cano Cruz (congas), Ching Batimana (timbales), R. Gary Hartz (trumpet), and Patrick Palomo (piano).
FISHBOWL 9pm to Midnight. No Cover Charge. No-Host Bar

Contemporary and straight-ahead jazz performed by Carlos Bordallo (guitar), Larry Laguana (bass), Carlos Laguana (bass), Mike DiAmore (sax), Patrick Palomo (piano), Mark Eclavea (drums), and Linda Guerrero (vocals). Special exhibit of early Guam jazz photographs and memorabilia.
MAC & MARTI 8pm to 2am. No Cover Charge. No-Host Bar.

Carlos Laguana fuses audio and visual art forms in an exhibit at the KAHA Gallery at Two Lover's Point. Live jazz and classical music performed in the gallery amidst displays of photographs from the International Association of Jazz Educators January conference in New York, and photographs of the local jazz scene from the 40's through the present.
KAHA GALLERY, Two Lovers Point 3pm to 6pm. Public welcome.

Saturdays April 17, 24 MICO & STEVIE
Contemporary and traditional jazz performed by Mico (piano and vocals) and Stevie Scott (piano, bass and vocals) with Tim Coleman on drums.
ROY'S LOUNGE, Hilton Guam 6pm to 10pm. No Cover Charge. No-Host Bar.

Saturdays April 17, 24 ROOFTOPS
Original and classic jazz standards performed by Patrick Palomo (piano), Mike DiAmore (sax), Mark Eclavea (drums), Jude Cruz (bass), Alex Gutierrez (guitar), and Marie Fernsler (vocals).
FISHBOWL 10:30pm to 1:30am. No Cover Charge. No-Host Bar.

For more information please contact Ginny Guzman-Walsh 687-4992, 646-9797 Ext 202, 649-9111 OR Chris Bejado 735-2547, 727-9148

PHARE 2004 April 15 to 17 - Hyatt Regency Guam

PHARE 2004 kicks off on Thursday, April 15 and will feature exhibits by many of Guam's leading food wholesalers, equipment and product suppliers, and a long list of service providers who cater to the hospitality industry. Thursday and Friday the show is devoted to professionals in the hospitality business and there will be informative industry seminars as well as a Travel Trade Exhibit from members of PATA Micronesia.

On Saturday, the exhibit opens to the general public at 10am and will feature a culinary competition using Cornish Game Hens called "Hens on the Saucy Side", with over a dozen chef teams competing for the coveted 1st place trophy! Sampling of the poultry creations will be available to the public. At 1pm, the Annual PHARE bartending competition starts, with the theme "Join the Captain's Crew", featuring Captain Morgan's Rum. This will be terrific fun to watch the bartenders for their flaring skills and showmanship. At PHARE - you'll certainly see the latest and the greatest and have a fun time as well.

Around the Island - Jan Z Special, Jin Mi's 13th Year, Outback's New Cake

If you haven't tasted the unique flavor of a soft-shelled crab that's battered up, fried and lightly drizzled with a honey mustard sauce and put on a big bun, then you better rush down to Jan Z's at the Agat Marina where they are running their Carolina Special ($8.50) which includes the sandwich and sweet potato fries. Fellow food-lovers, you don't want to miss this delicious sandwich. This is their first shipment and once it's sold out there won't be any more for awhile. The good news is that they are looking to feature this soft shell crab in the future.

You can enjoy great Korean cuisine at Jin Mi Restaurant, located on Route 16 across from GPA in the single-story white building with blue trim. Though small they have built a loyal following of diners (many of them local Koreans who love their Crab specialties) on island. They are celebrating their 13th year of business, and are offering a 10% discount on meals (excluding Ah Gu Chim) until May 31. Call 637-4398. This restaurant is highly recommended for lovers of authentic, fresh and lovingly prepared Korean food.

Outback Steakhouse will soon be introducing to it's menu an eye-popping cake called "Chocolate Chocolate Tower". Layers of moist dark chocolate cake are "glued" together with dark creamy fudge filling, the outside is iced with more dark chocolate and the entire decadent creation is drizzled with a raspberry sauce. This is a chocoholic's fantasy and should be shared by two or more! Evidently this item is just one of number of new dishes coming to the Outback menu in the near future - we can hardly wait to taste more of them!

Don't Forget! Guam Girl Scouts Annual Auction & Wine Tasting April 23

Tickets are now available for what is absolutely one of the most fun and sophisticated fundrasing events of the year. Friday April 23 is the date and the Hyatt Regency Guam is the venue for the 7th Annual Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine Tasting. A little known fact is that the local Guam Girl Scout chapter is responsible for raising all of the funds to support its operations. This is done through the annual Christmas Tree Sale, the sale of those famous Girl Scout Cookies and this very important adults-only fund raiser. This year attendees can expect a variety of impressive auction items, raffle prizes and, of course, the fabulous wines and pupus served. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by calling the Girl Scout office at 646-5652.

Musings on Burgers - A Look at Guam's Great Burgers and Where to Get Them

Last week's review of the new Pacific Grill Guam and it's entry into the Guam "Burger Wars" with a handmade double-decker monster opened a tidal wave of discussion about burgers - "Does size really matter?"; "Do lettuce and tomato really belong on a burger?"; "What about mayo?" and, of course, "Where to find a great burger?" As one can imagine, the Guam Food Guy has eaten his share of burgers on Guam and written about them. Here is a round-up of his thoughts on this tasty subject.

Jan Z's by the Sea at the Agat Marina
"The "Z" Burger is one of Jan Z's most popular sandwich meals..." "...all hamburgers are not created equal, and Jan Z's ranks on the high end of the scale. It is a work of art, and gives supreme satisfaction. I've watched world travelers from the food industry enjoy this sandwich. It is a model. Eat and learn! It's a BIG sandwich, grilled just the way you like it, and most people have to cut it in half to handle it. Not me...I use my hands like a forklift, and I just eat my way through!"

Ann's Restaurant in Malesso
"We ordered the Deluxe Burger with Cheese. This was not the biggest burger we've had, but it was certainly one of the tastiest. Must be one of their secret seasoning blends."

Nuts & Grains in Tamuning
"..the Nuts & Grains Burger (Editors note: Included for our vegetarian friends who love burgers too!) "...served on a whole wheat bun, accompanied with tomato slices, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, and topped with a special sauce...I was totally amazed when I sampled my companion's Garden Burger...this textured soy grain burger was as flavorful as some of the better beef hamburgers I've had - it had a grilled, smoky flavor and a meaty texture. Gosh, it made me a convert..." "The best thing about this hamburger alternative is that there is no "guilt"!!

United Seaman's Service Club in Piti
"This is the perfect burger for a normal person to consume. The size is just right, the seasonings are straight forward (salt & pepper which a true burger purist would agree is all that is needed) and it is cooked as you like. The garnish or "salad" and condiments are on the side so you add only what you want."

Jeff's Pirates Cove in Ipan
"I had occasion to visit Jeff's Ipan location this past week and was once again reminded of my reasons for loving Guam so much. It's hard not to be captivated by the awesome majesty of the Pacific Ocean and it's infinite expanse, especially when viewed from the vantage point of the Pirates Cove beachfront." "On the menu there are lots of sandwiches including...a family of burgers including Jeff's Famous Homemade Cheeseburger. This huge sandwich fills the heartiest of appetites, and comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles."

Nana's Cafe on the beach in Tumon
"Nana's Hamburger Steak Japonaise Style (Editors note: Included here because it's amazing and a perfect choice for the carb-free craze!) was a visual tour de force. It is a homemade flame-broiled thick beef patty that is topped with thin-sliced red onion, grated radish, parillo leaves, and a sunny-side up egg, all surrounded by a deep brown sauce. This was yet another great sauce creation by Chef Kishimoto, in which he used teriyaki and miso to make this memorable flavor. The beef was also delicious, with the grated radish and onion imparting taste textures of their own."

Outback Steakhouse in Tumon
"I decided to order one of Outback's burgers, since it was something I'd never had before (surprise!). I picked the No Rules Burger. My choice of toppings was awesome - Bacon, Grilled Onions, Lettuce and Tomato, Pickles and Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms, and American Cheese." "It was a mountain of a burger, and had to be cut in half..." "This burger was one of those great burger experiences.."

Bon Appetit!

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