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April 23, 2004, Volume 4 Number 17

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

If being busy is a gauge of improvement, then things are definitely getting better! After a whirlwind 3-1/2 day Media Tour, sponsored by Continental Airlines, to the magnificent island of Bali, I am convinced that Bali is probably a safer and more hospitable destination for tourists than many other places in the world. This has more to do with religion than politics or economics, since the Balinese are for the most part Hindu, which has the concept of "karma" as a key element in their lives. They are taught from childhood that they have to do good in this lifetime or that they face the prospect of being reincarnated as a lower life form. The crime rates are astonishingly low, with most crimes committed by "outsiders."

Although there is no absolute guarantee that you can be "safe" anywhere in this world, I believe Bali has suffered through a tragic injustice since the terrorist bombing tarnished Bali's pristine record as one of the world's most exotic and intriguing travel destinations, effectively "scaring" people away from Bali to other places (that really aren't any safer, and certainly not as interesting). Everyone who participated in the media tour will do their part in encouraging others to travel to this phenomenal mystical island just barely 5 hours flying time from Guam. I hope to return many more times during my lifetime, and if I get reincarnated, I hope it will be as a returning visitor to Bali!

(Look for our Balinese Travel Adventure series starting next issue!)

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Around the Island - Chef Ronnie Repeats, Planet Hollywood & Bud, Mother's Day
  • Red Hot! ReefSavers Coupon Books Now Available For Sale at 76 Circle K
  • Final Reminder - Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine Tasting - Friday, April 23
  • Red Dragon Restaurant -Tumon's Newest Chinese Eatery Appeals to Budget-minded

Around the Island - Chef Ronnie Repeats, Planet Hollywood & Bud, Mother's Day

Chef Ronnie Guillermo of P.I.C. took first place again this year in the Yamasa Soy Sauce cooking contest with his creation of Smoked Hen & Roasted Vegetable Rice Roll with Pika Citrus Yamasa Soy. As you can see from the photo, his presentation was outstanding with the use of brilliant green fresh calamansi and a "drumstick" tower. We weren't fortunate enough to get a taste of this dish but we're confident it was absolutely delicious!

Planet Hollywood has teamed up with Budweiser to offer registration for the new Budweiser Fresh Rewards card during Happy Hour Thursday, April 22 and Thursday, April 29. All Bud family beers will be on special for $2.75 from 5pm until 7pm and you will enjoy pupus, giveaways and the smooth musical sounds of Kaya. For info, please call 647-7827.

Planet Hollywood is also first to the table this year with a special offering for Mother's Day, Sunday April 9. This year they are doing a full-on Champagne Brunch with 2 seatings and a fantastic spread of seafood, appetizers, carving station, salad station, hot entrees and a dessert station. They will also be serving a Korbel Brut Champagne and bottomless Coors Light for the beer drinkers. Live entertainment is also planned and a special Kid's Corner for the children to enjoy. Bring the whole family as the brunch is reasonably priced at $29.95 for adults and $15.95 for children ages 3 to 10 years (a 10% service charge will be added). Call now for reservations at 647-7827.

Red Hot! ReefSavers Coupon Books Now Available For Sale at 76 Circle K

ReefSavers is back and bigger, better, and full of red-hot savings on everything from meals, travel, entertainment, furniture, appliances, to waterpark adventure hotel packages. The 2004 ReefSavers Coupon Book is 65% thicker than last year's edition and amazingly sells for the same low price of $20. You can purchase your copy of the ReefSavers Coupon Book at 76 Circle K locations around the island, with other distribution outlets to be listed soon. Get one today - you won't believe the bargains!

Final Reminder - Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine Tasting - April 23

You have until 12 noon on Friday, April 23 to purchase your $25 tickets to that night's Annual Guam Girl Scout Auction & Wine Tasting at the Hyatt Regency Guam, otherwise the ticket price will be $35 at the door. You can pick up tickets at the Guam Girl Scout Service Center on Marine Drive in Tamuning across from Chief Brodie Elementary. This year's Auction event is going to be one of the best ever with auction items galore and raffle prizes, including 4 tickets to Cairns from Continental, a motorcycle, golf packages, hotel stays, dining adventures, local art, and more. Attendees will be able to sample quality wines from some of the island's best wine vendors. The event starts at 6:30pm and lasts until 10pm. For more information, call the Guam Girl Scout Center at 646-5652.

Red Dragon Restaurant - Tumon's Newest Chinese Eatery Appeals to Budget-Minded

What's all the buzz about Tumon's Red Dragon Restaurant? Well, it must be the fact that people are looking for good food that's not going to bust the wallet with a location near the heart of dynamic Tumon. Upon entering the Red Dragon, one may be disappointed in the chaotic, disorderly atmosphere and inattentive service, which is different from other Chinese restaurants where you are usually greeted by a hostess or server, then lead to an available table. Don't fret, you will eventually be assisted by someone at Red Dragon after they've taken care of their seated customers. Red Dragon is still new (only 5 months old) and it is a first time venture into foods service by owner Miki Peng, whose previous businesses were night clubs. Miki is very warm-hearted and likes to meet and talk to customers. Her sincerity and easy smile erase your initial concerns, as you'll soon discover that what Red Dragon lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in food value.

We recently tried a sampling of Red Dragon Restaurant's menu, and were generally pleased with the experience. The Pan Fried Pork Dumplings ($4) are freshly made appetizers and pretty tasty, especially on the dark, grilled ridges that were cooked to a flavorful crunchiness. For the price, these were ample for two to share.

The Won Ton Soup ($6) was very good, with Chinese broccoli as well as fresh dumplings with pork and shrimp. The broccoli was a notable addition, as it added a leafy colorfulness and fresh crisp texture to the soup experience. The Kang-Kong ($6.) was about average, and the portion matched the price. I prefer more garlic and a larger portion. Also, it may be that this was not their freshest batch, as I didn't get my usual Kang Kong "rush" like I do when eating May's or Joyful's.

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