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Guam Diner Newsletter, October 12, 2001, Volume 1, Number 16

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

"We just cannot give up...we have no other choice!" was a message emphasized by the SandCastle's Richard Rennie during a long distance call to radio talk show host Jon Anderson (K57) this Thursday morning. Rennie is part of the official delegation on a travel mission throughout Japan touting Guam as a safe destination. His words have been repeatedly stated these past few weeks by many, around the world. They are powerful words of determination. We're all feeling the impact of the economic challenges resulting from the September 11 terrorist action that have changed the world as we knew it, and we'll only get through these tough times by taking those encouraging words to heart. Now is the time for all of us to reach deep within the core of our beings to tap into the wellspring of our creativity as well as our endurance, for endure we must. Every victory ever won and every success ever achieved would be negated had the victors and champions given up instead of persisted. We have no other choice.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome all of the new subscribers to the Guam Food Guy weekly e-zine, many of whom have signed up from the Mainland. We encourage you to visit our website,, to discover a wealth of food-related information with topics ranging from recipes, wines, beverages, health & nutrition, restaurant reviews, and a comprehensive directory of local restaurants. We feature daily lunch and dinner specials, coupon offers, and currently are offering a contest to win gift certificates at Stanlee's in Tumon (you can enter online and in-store). Look for more exciting offers and changes on in the near future.

In Today's Issue
  • Cooking In Paradise TV Show Features Chef Bertrand from Le Tasi Bistro
  • Bon Voyage & Adios to Hyatt Regency Guam General Manager Peter Chau
  • Singha Beer Now Locally Available at Thai Restaurants
  • Oktoberfest Celebration at the Hilton Guam Resort - October 18
  • New "Power Breakfast" at PIC's Bistro Brings Class to the Table
  • Kudo's to Outback - Supports Red Cross with October 11 Food Sales
  • Auto Services 2000 - Open 7 Days with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Utage Japanese Restaurant - Relaxed Garden Hideaway Offers Delicious Traditional Fare

Cooking In Paradise TV Show Features Chef Bertrand from Le Tasi Bistro

Tune in to Cable Channel 7's Cooking in Paradise Show Sunday October 14 - October 19 at 7:30 pm to watch the talented Chef/Owner of Hagatna's popular French eaterie, Le Tasi Bistro, prepare a trio of delightful treats. Bertrand Haurillon will be preparing a Breadfruit Soup, a Salad Nicoise (which is one of Guam's best, using fresh chunks of grilled tuna!), and for dessert, a creme brulee. Follow along with Chef Bertrand as you watch the show. Recipes from previous shows are now available at in our Celebrity Chefs section. Recipes from this show will be posted next week.

Bon Voyage & Adios to Hyatt Regency Guam General Manager Peter Chau

A recent farewell dinner event was held for departing Hyatt GM Peter Chau, who, along with his wife, Sylvia, and son, Christopher, will be moving to Beijing, China. Peter will be opening up the new Grand Hyatt Beijing. Extraordinary foods from Hyatt's restaurants were served, with the Guam Food Guy caught hanging out at Chef Alessandro Mancuso's pasta station for an unbelievably sumptuous lobster creation. We wish Peter and his family a safe journey and good luck at their new opportunity. I'm sure they'll do much to promote Guam to their new neighbors. Taking over the helm at the Hyatt Regency Guam will be Mustafa Issa, who has headed the Saipan Hyatt for the past few years. No stranger to Guam, Mustafa brings a special charm and style that will endear him to many. I'm glad he's here! His replacement on Saipan is Michael von Siebenthal, from Switzerland.

Singha Beer Now Locally Available at Thai Restaurants

Singha Beer, one of Thailand's top-selling beers is now available on Guam. Although this beer appears to be a pilsner, it has the strength and flavor complexity of a stout. It is best served chilled, and is an excellent match for the flavorful spiciness of Thai cuisine. It's available in two bottle sizes at all local Thai restaurants. Thanks to the efforts of that irrepressible German, Ludwig "Lutz" Uhmeyer, of Hansa Imports, for bringing this great beer to Guam...all of the Thai restaurants are excited about serving this beer from their homeland.

Click here for the Thai Restaurant Directory at

Oktoberfest Celebration at the Hilton Guam Resort - October 18

Speaking of Germany, don't forget to attend next Thursday's Oktoberfest event at the Hilton. Yes, it's that time of year again!

Come indulge in a German Gourmet Buffet of Sauerkraut & Haxen [knuckles], a variety of the famous German sausages, ham specialties and much much more at the Islander Terrace Oktoberfest Buffet. All-you-can-eat for only $25.50 per person or All-you-can-eat-&-drink (beer) for only $39.00 per person. Prices do not include service charge. Afterwards, join Romeo's "oom pa pa" auf dr Wiesn (read at the Tree Bar) where not only the traditional music and Guam's German community will guarantee a lot of fun. O' zapft is [the beer barrel's been tapped] as of 6 pm.

New "Power Breakfast" at PIC's Bistro Brings Class to the Table

Answering a long-awaited call, Bistro has taken the initiative to deliver to Guam's breakfast offerings an upscale, American-style menu selection that must be experienced to appreciate. The Bistro breakfast starts off with a choice of a Seasonal Fruit Salad OR Fresh Mueslix with Cream. This is no ordinary fruit salad - it is an impressive serving of fresh (FRESH!) diced strawberries, kiwi, melon, pineapple, apple and cantaloupe. The square-paned glass dish and platter on which the fruit was served brought an unexpected elegance which further highlighted and focused attention to the colorful fruit medley. The Mueslix is served with your choice of plain yogurt or cream, with a fresh fruit topping. Both are excellent starters, and nearly a meal by themselves!

Preceding these starters and accompanying your choice of Columbian Coffee or Flavored Hot Tea is a basket of freshly baked croissants and blueberry muffins. They are served warm to melt the butter so that you get that cozy home-baked cooking feeling...just like momma used to make!

There are four main entrees from which to choose: Eggs Benedict, Hot Cakes Napolean, Vegetable Frittata, and Egg White Omelette Primavera. Aside from coffee and tea, other beverage choices include fresh fruit juice, a fruit smoothie or milk.

As the Guam Food Guy, I'm always asked, "Who has the best Eggs Benedict?"...

Click here for more on the Power Breakfast at PIC's Bistro.

Kudo's to Outback - Supports Red Cross with October 11 Food Sales

Outback Steakhouse does it again - hopefully some of you will read this in time to join the Outback for dinner tonight and contribute towards the American Red Cross. Half of all food sales will be donated by the Outback to the ARC. Outback has a special Bloomin' Onion® Offer on the front page - just another way to get a great value from your Outback dining experience.

Auto Services 2000 - Open 7 Days with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty

The power of word-of-mouth advertising is uncontested. For anyone who's ever had a car problem, especially on a Saturday or Sunday, and who needed a quick repair or just the plain simple truth about their car's condition, well, this message is for you. Call 649-2037 and ask for Art Mesa. You will soon be adding to the "word of mouth" advertising phenomena once you've been a customer. Auto Services 2000 is located adjacent to the Airport Union 76 station on Marine Drive. (this is an unsolicited endorsement by a satisfied customer-me!)

Utage Japanese Restaurant - Relaxed Garden Hideaway Offers Delicious Traditional Fare

Hidden behind a cascading waterfall on the first floor, Utage Japanese Restaurant patiently awaits the arrival of its customers. Some are hotel guests, while others are return customers who know Utage's secret attractions.

Deep within the tropical rainforest environment that's in the spectacular Palace Hotel atrium waits Utage. The word "Utage" loosely translates to mean a place for entertainment or celebration. Dining at Utage was a celebration of the spirit and I was able to entertain reflective thoughts that brought me a sense of order and peace. I also enjoyed some fine Japanese cuisine during my lunch time visit to Utage, which is what I want to share with you.

Before entering Utage, I recommend you spend a few minutes outside contemplating the hanging garden (verdant curtain-like plants) within the atrium and listen to the roar of the waterfall. It's truly a place for meditation, where you can watch several ponds of colorful koi leisurely swim about. Just outside the entrance is the menu stand presenting a preview of Utage's meal service selections.

Utage's Special Lunch Menu features Jumbo Prawns Jyu ($13.00), Filet of Beef with Mushroom Set ($12.00), and Sashimi Donburi ($12.00). There are two teppan yaki tables facing the garden. The teppan yaki lunch menu has three sets: Hana - Grilled Chicken & Shrimp, $11.00); Yama - Grilled Sirloin steak ( $13.00); and Umi - Grilled Prawn and Scallops ($15.00). And, a first for me, this restaurant features the "Utage Gorgeous Lunch", which ranges in price from the Deluxe Bento ($19.00) to the Fish "Teriyaki" Set ($10.50). Finally, Utage has three economy-priced meals...

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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