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August 13, 2004, Volume 4 Number 33

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Seafood lovers had their day at last Saturday's 6th Annual Fisherman's Festival that was held at the Guam Fisherman's Co-Op. It was an exciting time for me as I watched people eagerly line up to get their free plates of BBQ Marlin Kebabs, Ahi Poki, Tuna Kelaguen, Smoked Marlin Salad Spread, Fried Yellowfin, and the coveted Bonita Burger, which even the little kids gobbled down when they were told it was a "burger"! I was gratified at the large turnout (certainly better than last year's), and pleased that my promotional efforts had worked to increase attendance. Although the Marianas International Fishing Derby was postponed due to inclement weather, the Festival was held. Along with fish-painting and other activities for children, there were many educational display booths where marine life brochures and literature were freely available. Senator Ray Tenorio stopped by and was urged by some kids to be a sitting target for a water bag throwing booth called Marine Mania. Although the good Senator got wet, he probably garnered some votes for showing up to this awesome event and being a good sport about the dunking. K-57's Jon Anderson was glad he made it down, too, and enjoyed his first taste of the smoked marlin salad spread, as well as the juicy bonita burger, fresh out of the saute pan.

Along with many residents who attended were some visiting military dependents who were thrilled to try some of the island's marine bounty for the first time. They agreed that more people should have come down to the festival, and even suggested that this event should be held more than once a year. Not a bad idea! For years the Fisherman's Co-Op has been trying to get financing to expand their operation and create a facility that would better accommodate events like the festival as well as offer a larger selection of quality seafood products than what is currently available. Let's hope that the awareness of developing and managing our marine resources will spread, gain support, and translate into viable actions that will cultivate this vital industry into the economic powerhouse it should be.

Finally, I kept my promise to those who came to the Festival to partake in this free "seafood extravaganza". I told folks to come with an appetite and that they'd be delighted. Well, they did show up , and were absolutely "delighted"!

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Jamaican Grill Reveals 2nd Location Being Built in Tumon
  • Experience a Taste of Bali at Outrigger's Palm Cafe, August 17-21
  • "Chewing Guam" - New Mixed Fruit Chewing Gum Now Available
  • Brunch And Tarza - Super Sunday Fun Package Launched at Guam Plaza
  • Around the Island - Mermaid Tavern, Sabai Dee, King's, Sam Choy's New Items
  • Trattoria You - Tumon Italian Eatery Serves Food You Can Sing About

Jamaican Grill Reveals 2nd Location Being Built in Tumon

Ya Mon! It's gonna be "irie" in November when Jamaican Grill opens its second location on the 2nd floor of Tumon's CalRose Building across from PIC. For the past 3 years, owners Frank Kenney and Tim Murphy had been working to convert their dream of serving "YA MON Serious Food" to more residents and visitors into reality. On Wednesday, August 11 they unveiled their plans for a 100-seat capacity restaurant now under construction with an outdoor dining deck that juts out almost over the sidewalk. Jamaican Grill's Tumon location will carry on the tradition of serving the same great Jamaican-style jerk chicken, ribs, seafood, and other finger-licking-good foods that have been consumed by thousands since Jamaican Grill opened the Chamorro Village in Hagatna in December 1994.

This new eatery will feature an open kitchen where you can enjoy the "thrill of the grill". The restaurant will have an authentic Jamaican rib shack design motif, with a large, lively-colored theme mural, as well as Reggae music playing throughout, assuring an atmosphere that stimulates your appetite, body, and soul. Just as with the original location, diners can choose to eat in or order take-out, with the difference being you'll be able to tune in to reggae music (in your car) on a special FM frequency while waiting to be notified when your to-go order is ready for pick-up downstairs. Sounds neat! Congratulations to Frank, Tim, and the Jamaican Grill team for believing in possibilities and for enhancing the island's culinary repertoire with their unique, spicy cuisine.

Experience a Taste of Bali at Outrigger's Palm Cafe, August 17-21

A highlight of my Continental-sponsored media tour of Bali this past April was attending the Bumbu Bali Cooking School conducted by renowned Swiss Chef, Heinz von Holzen, author of the highly-regarded book, "The Food of Bali", which features authentic Balinese recipes. His latest book, "Secrets of Balinese Cuisine", has become an international sensation, which is exactly how I'd describe my friend, Heinz, who will be visiting Guam next week to personally share his phenomenal culinary talents with local residents.

The Outrigger Guam Resort has partnered with Continental Airlines to bring this living legend to Guam, and the public is invited to experience "A Taste of Bali" from August 17-24, at the Palm Cafe located on the Outrigger's lobby level. There will be three events* where you can feast on Chef Von Holzen's exotic, savory creations during the week as follows:

Tuesday, August 17 through Friday, August 20
Adults $12.50/Children (4-12) $8.50

Tuesday, August 17 through Friday August 20
Adults $22/Children (4-12) $11.95

Saturday, August 21 featuring Balinese Delicacies
Adults $26.95/Children (4-12) $14.95

*A 10% service charge will be added to all meals
**Friday buffet to include Outrigger's Chamoru Hafa Adai Specialties

To "spicen up" this promotional culinary event (if that's possible), every lunch or dinner guest will receive an entry to win a round-trip for two to Bali, courtesy of Continental Airlines (some restrictions apply so check the entry form for details). For reservations, call 649-9000. I sincerely urge you to attend one or more of these meals as I'm sure you will find Heinz to be a fascinating source of information about and insights to the secrets of Balinese cuisine - quite literally the next best thing to actually attending his culinary classes in Bali.

"Chewing Guam" - New Mixed Fruit Chewing Gum Now Available

Eureka! An exciting new Guam product has hit retail stores. It's called "Chewing Guam", and it comes in a cute, tropical beach scene covered box with a Guam island-shaped cut-out (including village names) revealing five colorful flavors of chewing gum. The gum flavors are Pineapple, Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Sour Apple, and there are about 70 pieces inside. This novelty item makes a terrific gift and has the Guam Product Seal, confirming that it has been produced on Guam. Nutrition facts on the box basically state that there are 3 grams of sugar and 12 calories per serving (three pieces equal a serving). It's fun and sheer genius, and I'm sure the owners will enjoy years of continuous sales. I wouldn't be surprised if future version will include more island fruit flavors like mango, papaya, and passion fruit.

Brunch And Tarza - Super Sunday Fun Package Launched at Guam Plaza

The Blue Marlin Restaurant recently started a Sunday Brunch Service, however, they have taken the simple Brunch concept up a notch by combining a Tarza Water Park pass with the meal. Yes, now you can have your "FUN & EAT IT TOO"!! Adults pay $28.95 and Children (5-11) pay $14.95. (Brunch Only price is $18.95/Adults and $9.95/children, all subject to a 10% service charge.)

The brunch buffet (served 11am-2pm) has a variety of salads, breakfast items (ham, sausage, and pancakes), an Omelet station, lots of seafood including Snow Crab, Oysters, Shrimp Cocktail and Sashimi, Steamed Lapu-Lapu, Kung Pao Shrimp, Baby Back Ribs, Seafood Spaghetti, Steamed Bok Choy, a Prime Rib Carving Station, a Tempura Station (an island favorite), and Desserts. Complimentary Iced Tea and Champagne are included. I think it's a great idea to combine a meal with a thrill, and certainly should make the decision about where to go after Sunday Brunch a no-brainer when you have kids! For reservations, call 649-7760 or 646-7803 at the Guam Plaza.

Around the Island - Mermaid Tavern, Sabai Dee, King's, Sam Choy's New Items

The Mermaid Tavern at the Great Deep Brewing Company has added Gourmet Pizzas to their menu. You can now order a Shrimp, Pine Nut, Goat Cheese and Pesto Pizza ($8.25) and a Cajun Chicken Pizza ($7.95). Great salads, burgers, Po Boys and daily specials await you at this smoke-free pub located in the GCIC Annex in Hagatna. The Micro brewed Craft Beers are satisfying beer aficionados' cravings for quality brews, which a served fresh from the tap. Call 472-2337 for info, or visit

Sabai Dee Thai Restaurant's Som Tom (Green Papaya Salad, $7.50) impressed kitchen designer Gary Hill who, along with Oasis Restaurant owner, Matt Johnson, joined me for dinner last week. The Chicken Satay ($7) appetizer was tantalizing, as was the Tom Yum Soup($10), which had a hearty, Thai-spiced broth filled with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass, and chicken. Sabai Dee Thai Restaurant is located in the Cinema Arcade in Tamuning, just down the hall from Subway. This new eatery is gaining in popularity...something that seems to happen to really good restaurants. Call 649-8424 for menu info and take-out ordering.

King's Restaurant's Lunch Specials have captured their customer's attention! Served Monday through Friday until they're gone, the Turkey Croissant, Kadon Pika, Short Ribs, BBQ Rib Lunch, and Beef Shank have become the most popular items ordered, along with the two items (Light Wrap $5.99 and Lunch Kabob $6.99) I ordered the other day at 4pm for a late/lunch early dinner. The Light Wrap is a BIG WRAP, so big that it leaves little room for anything else. The fresh veggies and sliced turkey are a nice combination, and served with a refreshing bowl of fruit. The Lunch Kebab has all the great BBQ grilled and marinated beef flavors going for it....with grilled onions, bell pepper, and carrots. It's good anytime and comes with 2 big rice scoops!

Sam Choy's has introduced Sam's "Perfect Oven-Roasted" Duck, which uses Sam Choy's secret blend of spices and is served with a special orange sauce (1/2 duck $23.95). Also featured at Sam Choy's is "Da Choice Cut Filet", which is a sizzling 8 oz. roasted garlic beef tenderloin with kapakahi mashed potatoes served on a sizzling hot platter ($29.95).

Trattoria You - Tumon Italian Eatery Serves Food You Can Sing About

The old adage, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" applies to just about everything in life, and especially to food. This is intended more as experiencing "gaining" for the culinary curious and flavor crusaders and not to be confused with "weight gaining", though that is certainly a possible outcome. So when distance runner and foodie Berrie S. wrote me asking if I'd tried eating at Trattoria You, I was prompted to pay a visit to this Tumon hideaway which I'd frequently passed while on my way to Sushi Tairyo in the Blue Lagoon Plaza, located just across San Vitores from Stanlee's Liquor & Deli.

"Trattoria" is defined as "an informal restaurant or tavern serving simple Italian dishes." Somewhere in translation, this Japanese owned restaurant's name, "Trattoria You", has become "Dining You", which is mainly what is done here anyway (dinners only), along with a splendid addition - karaoke! For the purposes of this review, we'll focus on the food and not the song, since I didn't sing anyway in one of 5 separate (and sound-proofed) rooms within the restaurant in which you can order dinner and croon to your favorite tune for a room charge of $5 hour per person.

From outside, Trattoria You cuts an impressive sky blue, two-storied figure with a large French window over the entrance way along with six panel-glassed, white-framed windows which are three rows high. The trademark Italian colors (green, white, and red) are in Trattoria's sign atop this complex and intriguing edifice. What's outside visually is a harbinger of what you can expect to see once inside. A signboard mounted on an easel at the doorway advertises the Italian Bento Box Set ($10), along with a picture of huge bowl of Cha-Shu Soup Spaghetti ($9) with the question, "Are you hungry?" daringly posed.

Trattoria You has a smoking section separated by tall glass dividers and a non-smoking section, where I sat and was able to view the cooks working behind a counter. A large chalkboard that lists several daily specials is mounted on a wall topped by an impressive bottle collection containing olive oils, wine caskets, dolls, sho chou, sake, and marinating vegetables. The menu is easily readable with pictures showing some of the more popular dishes. I decided on the an ala carte appetizer, Fried Squid Legs ($6), the Italian Bento Box Set which had Seafood Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, Garlic Toast, Fried Chicken, Green Salad, and Cha-shu. I also chose one of 9 pizzas listed, the Salami & Mushrooms Pizza ($7). Other pizzas were Cheese; Tuna, Corn & Mayonnaise; and Pepperoni, each $6.00; and the Shrimp & Squid; Hawaiian; and a Mini-Hamburger & Mushrooms which had little burgers ringing the top of the pizza, are $8 each.

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Buon appetito!

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