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November 5, 2004, Volume 4 Number 45

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Whew! Thank goodness the elections are finally over and we can now get back to the work of improving our island. One would expect that with the Republican Party controlling the legislature, there should be a more harmonious working relationship. I believe we should all play a part in seeing this happens, since the challenges we face as a community require all of our attention and participation. Just because you've voted a politician into office doesn't mean you've fulfilled your civic responsibility. You need to stay involved and remain active, whether your party or candidates won or lost. Work on keeping our island clean and safe, volunteer in an organization that helps young people - they are our future, so by taking care of them, we'll pass on qualities that will inspire them to take care of us.

Speaking of taking care of ourselves, we all need to be optimistic. Recent studies have proven what many of us already know, that people who have brighter outlooks on life tend to live longer and healthier than those who see things negatively. Another good news story concerning our well-being is the FDA's allowing the claim that olive oil may reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. It has been demonstrated that olive oil can lower LDL cholesterol (the "bad"cholesterol). If you substitute 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day in the place of other oils and fats you may be able to lower the LDL cholesterol. The life-sustaining, healthy qualities of olive oil have been known for centuries, and is a key component of the Mediterranean Diet.

Today's review of Sejong Korean Restaurant continues our mission to promote healthier food choices. Among the many suggestions I've received to improve my health was to eat more Korean food, since this cuisine uses a lot of vegetables and spices, like garlic and chilies, which are the dominant flavors in Korean cooking. Tofu is another popular health-promoting ingredient in Korean food. Guam's oldest tofu producer is Sun Soy, and they will soon be celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Remember the new Food Guy mantra: "Eat Well, Eat Right, Live Long"!

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

Nu-Form Fitness 1st Year Anniversary - Open House on Friday November 5

Congratulations to our friend Pepe Laflamme and his team at Nu-Form Fitness Center on their successful first year in business. Pepe has been a long time contributor of recipes and health articles to Nu-Form will be hosting an Open House this Friday, Nov. 5, from 4 til 8pm, at their facility in the Shell HQ Building in Tamuning. Nu-Form is offering a First Year Anniversary Special which is 3 Months Free with a One Year membership.

Nu-Form offers Innovative Fitness for Women, with members enjoying access to circuit training equipment, aqua massage, luxurious lockers, a tanning bed, sauna, and a Pilates studio. There are other programs offered, such as KumNye Yoga (for expecting mothers), a Mother-Daughter Fitness and Wellness Camp, Corporate Wellness Retreats, and Fit & Well Moms (designed for mothers with infants/toddlers in strollers). One can't help but be excited about Nu-Form's growth and success in their first year. For more information on Nu-Form, visit their website, or call 646-3676.

SDA's Positive Choices Nutrition Class - "Not By Bread Alone"

You have until November 5 to register and pay $35 for the Guam SDA Positive Choices Nutrition Class that runs every Sunday starting November 7 and ending December 12. Otherwise, your tuition is $50 for this course that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. The classes last from 4:40pm - 6:30pm, and include plant-based meals and recipes, nutrition and health lectures, small group support, and Christ-centered biblical principles that are integrated into the program. For registration, call 646-8881 ext 551 and ask for Dee or Gloria.

Directions Features GFG Top Picks for Appetizer, Entrees & Desserts

If you've not received the October issue of Directions Magazine, run down to your local bookstore or market and pick up the copy that has GMH Administrator, Bill McMillan, gracing the cover. This issue has a GFG first, which are my choices for best appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Photographer Hubert Jesus' has captured the quintessential GFG in an action pose, with my fork & knife targeting an appealing Stuffed Mangrove Crab with Eggplant & Coconut Jus (the winning entree by Team Hilton in the Maila Ya Tan Fan Boka Competition in March). Within pouncing distance is Roy's signature Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle. The article will take you on a gastronomic tour of some of the island's popular (as well as a few unknown) restaurants, wherein I have listed some foods you don't want to miss. Other articles include one on establishing and maintaining a web presence, one on how the military is tightening controls and looking for value in the real estate market, a nice GPA supplement, and the Bill McMillan cover story. I'll be happy to autograph copies!

La Mirenda's "Creations of Korea" November 11 - 20

A Korean Food Festival called "Creations of Korea" will be held from November 11 - 20 at the Hyatt's La Mirenda Restaurant during lunch and dinner. Guest Chefs Lee & Cho will be visiting from the Hyatt Regency Cheju and will be preparing traditional favorites such as Kalbi, Bulgogi, Kimchi, Samgae Tang (Gingseng Chicken Soup), Pumpkin and Pine Nut Porridge, and many more items. This promises to be a fun way to relish exotic Korean cuisine as prepared by two masters. Lunch is $18.50 and dinner is $34.00 (+10%, CATH discounts available).

Thanksgiving Specials Already at Hand - Planet Hollywood Starts the Season

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Planet Hollywood is first off with great specials for those who want to order a feast to go or for those who want to enjoy a leisurely meal at Planet Hollywood and let someone else do all the clean up! The special Thanksgiving Set Menu is available November 8 through November 28 so you can enjoy it now and later if you like. The set menu is just $30 and includes a special Planet Hollywood gift.

The famous "Hollywood Holiday Carvings" is available again this year throughout the Holiday Season. Just call them up and they'll prepare either a Roast Turkey with all the fixings or a Roast Ham with Pineapple Sauce plus mashed potatoes. Each meal comes with a Custard Pie as well. Call Planet Hollywood at 647-7827 to order yours.

Around the Island - Lone Star, Jan Z's Special, Firefly's New England Menu

Lone Star Steakhouse was my right answer the other day when I craved a baked sweet potato (they always serve big ones). It was part of my Grilled Chicken Breast lunch ($8.25). I ordered a side salad with no cheese or croutons, and abstained from any butter or cinnamon sugar that usually comes with the sweet potato - hey, it's already "sweet" naturally! Of course, who can resist Lone Star's oven fresh baked rolls? (I did forego one - the other I sampled for consistency - they're still as good as they always were!)

Last week we reported about the special Steak & Whole Lobster $25 Special at Jan Z's. I did take the journey down and sampled the special was surprisingly good, with the lobster having a nice sweetness and firmness. It was boiled in a special seasoned broth that really gave it a memorable taste. The special continues this weekend, beginning on Friday night, while supplies last. 565-2814 for info.

Hagatna's Firefly Bistro continues its tradition of theme specials with their latest featuring the foods of our New England pilgrim forefathers. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Firefly's Three Course Set Menu ($28) starts out with a New England Clam & Corn Chowder and ends with a Warm Apple Blueberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream. The Lunch Special's Fish 'n Chips features battered yellowfin tuna with Firefly's trademark spicy fries and a spiced tartar sauce. Call 477-2565 for reservations.

Sabai Dee Thai Restaurant's Som Tom (Green Papaya Salad, $7.50) is worth trying more than is a fresh blend of garlic, fresh peppers, peanuts, tomatoes, lemon, green beans and plenty of shaved green papaya. If you can eat beef, there's an appetizer you may want to try Dried Beef ($7)'s a perfect chesa that's full-flavored and is served in easy-to-eat strips.

Aji Ichi Japanese Restaurant held it's grand opening on Sunday, October 31. An all-you-can-eat buffet of some of Aji Ichi's most popular dishes, including Kaarage Chicken, Tempura Shrimp, Yakisoba, Sashimi, and Saba was served free to appreciative customers. Congratulations to Keiko (Aji Ichi's owner) for her new location in Tumon's Blue Lagoon Plaza.

Sejong Korean Restaurant - Traditional Taste & Exceptional Quality

If you like Korean cuisine, then you'll love Sejong Korean Restaurant. Located behind the Boy Scout Center in Tamuning (you have to turn right just before the Guam Girl Scout Center to access Sejong), the Sejong Korean Restaurant has just made my "A" list for Korean eateries, period. Immaculately clean, beautifully furnished with seating to accommodate traditional Korean dining (on cushions at low tables) and Western-style seating at tables with chairs, Sejong would be an ideal place for novices to become acquainted with Korean food, especially at lunch time when specials for residents run between $7 - $8. Not only that, but Sejong's proactive management team is offering a free Sejong Discount Card for residents, which gives 10% off on food and drinks.

This was my first visit to Sejong, and I was a late lunch guest of Vicki Lee from SunSoy Tofu and her family friend, John Kimmons, an ex-Marine (actually there "are no "ex-Marines" says John. "Once a Marine, always a Marine!"), who also owns the Harmon Mini Storage. Vicki's family has been in the tofu business on Guam for 30 years, and I was first introduced to their quality tofu products by her sister, Renee Harrison. Vicki has been following my healthy eating journey and our menu selections were made with that in mind.

Our order included the Busuk Jungol (Mushrooms and Beef with Vegetable Soup, M-$25/ L-$35), Young Yang Dolsot Bap (Sejong Special Rice, $13.00), Den Jang Jiige (Korean Miso Soup $10), Mool Naengmyon (Buckwheat Noodles in Cold Broth $11), Yangeyum Kalbi (Beef Short Ribs), and Grilled Pike ($13). Our waitress, Kyong Yae, competently and attentively served us during the meal, helping in arranging foods for picture-taking. The panchan (the small side dishes of kimchee and vegetables Korean cuisine is famous for) were delivered first, followed by the Busuk Jungol (this special soup is cooked on the table). Four types of mushroom are featured in this delicious dish: shiitake, matsutake, inoki, and button, and they are stunningly arranged along with tofu, green onions, cabbage, bean spouts, carrot, and a small quantity of flank steak. The soup cooked for about ten minutes while we ate other foods, but when it was ready, it was my perfect meal. The clear broth was not salty, just flavorful, and the mushrooms, tofu and vegetables combined to raise the "great food" bar on this one!

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Chal Mokkeisumnida!

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